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Your Body is a Wonderland

Dear Andreus,

So, my boyfriend and I both have social media.  I don’t stalk his social media, but I see what he posts in my feed. He has a beautiful body and posts a lot of pictures of it.  Sometimes even completely nude. I don’t like it because I don’t want everyone seeing him naked. I feel like his nudity is for my eyes only. He told me that he is not posting to be dirty, but because he sees nudity as art, and that we should appreciate our bodies. He goes on to say that if I ever did it, he would find it beautiful. I think he is crazy and should stop. What do you think?


Gregory M.

Dear Gregory,

The body is art, and in today’s world where we are trying to move away from body-shaming, we should be able to be proud of what we have. I rarely take sides, but if your boyfriend is posting pictures that are tasteful and not dirty, then let him. He is proud of his form, and apparently admires yours also. If he is faithful to you, or to the terms of your relationship, I wouldn’t sweat it. There are more serious things to be concerned about within the confines of a relationship. Enjoy it, and maybe consider collaborating for a post. It might spice up your relationship a bit!

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