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Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo Plan to Get ‘Wicked’

Can it be true? Does the film adaptation of “Wicked” with Jon M. Chu in the director’s chair really have a cast? Does this mean the movie will be actually made soon? The latest development in the seemingly endless development stage is the announcement that powerhouse singers Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo will take the main roles of Glinda and Elphaba, respectively. The stars announced it all on their Instagram accounts, sending fans into an elated frenzy. And we’re happy, too. In fact, we’re thrilled. But at this point we just want to know that the movie is actually being made, that people are singing and dancing and acting and cameras are rolling. Anything “Oz” related is automatically queer, which is perhaps why we’ve become so invested, more than we ever were for “Cats” (no shade, because we’ll drink-watch that one anytime). But we’ve been waiting so long we’re about to be as old as Auntie Em and Uncle Henry. Oh, you say production is set for summer of 2022? OK, we’ll keep waiting.

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