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Sephora Gets Even Gayer for the Holidays

One Angry Karen…we mean One Million Moms is at it again. What sinfully hedonistic and satanic company are they after now? Sephora of course! In a recent commercial for their “It’s the Beauty You Give” campaign, the popular makeup and skincare retailer features people of different shapes, sizes, colors, races, and genders, and that included a super cute gay couple (and their puppies) gifting each other goodies from Sephora for the holiday season. Because we can’t have nice things, though, One Million Moms’ lone, singular voice, director Monica Cole, took issue with the 30-second ad, claiming it is the latest attack in the “culture war” on Christian values.

In a statement, Karen…I mean Monica posted, “Sephora, a company that sells cosmetics, beauty products, and fragrances, has really crossed the line by featuring two gay men in its newest commercial. The Sephora Holiday Gifting 2021 ad shows various friends and family members smiling while giving each other Christmas gifts, but the homosexual couple is the only romantic couple included in the advertisement. After one man is shown opening a gift from their dogs (which is obviously from his partner), the commercial concludes with the two men kissing on the lips. Sephora’s primary customer base is women, yet the company ends the commercial with two men kissing.”

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