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Bob the Drag Queen Talks South Florida Stand Up Comedy Act, HBO’s ‘We’re Here’

Bob The Drag Queen / Jacob Ritts

The last time I chatted with Bob The Drag Queen was a day after she was crowned the winner of Season 8 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” It’s been six years and she has accomplished so much, so we thought it was time to catch up. Especially since she will be bringing her stand up comedy act to the Dania Improv on Friday, April 8 and Saturday, April 9, and to the Palm Beach Improv on Sunday, April 10. 

Before we get into everything you have accomplished after winning “Drag Race,” I must ask, what did you do with the $100,000?

I didn’t spend it in one place. I used it to buy necessities and bought some things I want and things for people I love. 

Shortly after “Drag Race” you released a few singles. Did you always sing or how did you get into singing?

I don’t really sing; they are more rap songs. I did like music in high school and college, but it has never been a main focus of mine.

In 2017, your first stand up special, Bob the Drag Queen: Suspiciously Large Woman, aired and was hysterical. How did this come about?

I had been doing stand up comedy for a few years before drag race. I think I was in the right place at the right time. 

I know you have had a second special, how many more stand up specials do you have in store for us?

I don’t have a cap to them…lol! I haven’t planned out my entire career, but I plan on doing another one for sure. 

In addition to being a stand-up comedian, you write jokes for other queens. When did that start and how is your process different for other people?

I have written for other people since about a year or two before drag race. And my process differs depending on what it’s for. I do, however, write from their perspective as best as I can. 

You are the co-founder of Black Queer Town Hall along with fellow “RuPaul” alumni Peppermint. How did this come about?

I was sitting at home watching Obama’s town hall and I thought an all-black queer town hall would be so special and we organized it from there. 

Less than a year ago you were featured in Coach New York‘s “Pride is Where You Find It” campaign. How exciting was that?

I have been working with Coach since 2019, and I love working with them. I really feel like they appreciate me and value me, and they see my value even out of drag.

“We’re Here” is a big hit on HBO, and congrats for being renewed for a third season. How did this show come about and tell me about the experience?

The shows creator Steve Warren, called me up one night and told me to meet him at a restaurant to talk about an idea. Once he described it, I thought it was an amazing idea, and I was immediately in. I could not summarize filming it, it’s a lot, but very special.

So, you are an actor, stand-up comedian, writer, activist, model, etc. Is there one you like the most?

I really love doing stand up comedy. I think I excel the most in that arena. 

You are the drag mother to both Miz Cracker and Monet X change, how proud are you of them?

I’m very grateful for them, but I want to be clear they taught themselves most of what they know. I am really proud of them as friends. 

You are in a polyamourous relationship, tell me about your men?

I think most people think its more interesting than I think it is. I started dating Jacob first and we are together for 5 years and Ezra has been with me for 3 years. 

What’s ahead for Bob The Drag Queen?

I am preparing to film the third season of “We’re Here.” 

Why should our readers come see your stand up at the Dania Improv?

If you are interested in hearing humor from a black queer person or to see what all the hub bub is, you should come check it out.  

For more information on Bob The Drag Queen go to her website: Bobthedragqueen.com or follow her on Instagram.com/bobthedragqueen.

For tickets to Bobs performance on Friday or Saturday, April 8 and 9th at the Dania Improv, go to DaniaImprov.com. or on Sunday, April 10th and the Palm Beach Improv go to PalmBeachimprov.com.

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