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Gay Days Returns to Orlando June 2022

After a two-year absence due to Covid 19, Gay Days returns with four fun filled days of events and pool parties. It was a pleasure to sit down with Chris Manley to talk about this year’s Gay Days and what the future holds. 

How excited are you about Gay Days returning after a 2-year absence due to Covid 19?

Very excited, as we really enjoy producing Gay Days. The last 2 years we were let down. Both years we started the planning and then realized a few months later we couldn’t go forward. Now that we are less than 3 months away, we are excited that everything looks good and are looking forward to having a record year!

Your new hotel is the Avanti Palms Resort on International Drive. How did that happen, and what’s the best thing about that hotel?

In 2018, in the last year of our contract with Doubletree I started looking for new hotels. I approached Avanti as they had just gone through renovations, but they weren’t available. We then signed with Margaritaville, and when our 2-year contract with them ended, I approached Avanti again and they were happy to sign! The entire Gay Days staff loves this hotel as its closer to downtown and all the attractions. Therefore, it’s a much better location for locals and for visitors. 

Avanti Palms Resort

What’s the hotel cost this year per room?

The price starts at 200 per night per room, and you can get up to 4 people per room. As always, the rooms do include 2 pool party passes for both the daytime and evening parties. If you are going to the pool parties, the rooms are practically free. All rooms are still booked through Gaydays.com.

I heard you mention that this pool is the best one Gay Days has ever had, why?

Its right off the lobby, and it’s got a massive bar in the pool area, a water fountain aspect, a zero entrance walk in, private spaces, and its centrally located between the 2 sleeping buildings, and it holds 1500 people. Therefore, it will fit a lot more people and entertainment.

Are there any changes to this year’s schedule?

The schedule is about the same line up as every year. The only difference is this year we are Thursday through Sunday.

Are you still going to have the enormous Expo?

Yes Sir, and the expo is right off the lobby and will be as fabulous as it has been.

Gay Days Expo

Are all the other events returning?

Yes, they are, including Taste of Gay Days, Miss Gay Days Pageant, Mr. Gay Days Leather, Bingo, as well as some new events.

I heard you hired my friend, Shantell Rashae, as Entertainment Director. How did this happen?

Shantell won the miss Gay Days pageant a few years back and has been part of the event ever since. She is also local, and we have all become friends, so it was a perfect fit.

Shantell Rashae (R)

For more information or to book your room go to: Gaydays.com.

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