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Meet The Hunks From Miami’s Real ‘Magic Mike Live’ Tour

As seen in the trailer for “Magic Mike’s Last Dance,” the third installment shows Mike growing up into an entrepreneur and launching a brand-new show where sexuality and fantasies are celebrated rather than censored. Steven Soderbergh, who directed the first movie, is back at the helm of this threequel. Besides Channing Tatum reprising his titular role, “Last Dance” also features Salma Hayek in the cast. The most interesting thing about “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” is that it will tell a fictionalized version of the story behind creating Magic Mike Live – a live show that already exists in the real world and has been an XXL hit (pun intended) ever since its launch.

The touring company of Magic Mike Live is currently performing in Miami, Florida. Though this is a limited run in South Florida, the show is expected to stay in Miami for a few months. The live tour cast includes Davis Rahal and Edson Juarez, two out LGBTQ+ cast members on Magic Mike Live; as well as Blair Edwards from London, Blake Varga, who also performed in “The Voice” and “Australia’s Got Talent,” Brian Siregar, and other sexy members namely Burim Jusufi, Jake Paul Green, Joavanie Santiago, Joshua Berovides, Joshua Williams, Kalon Badenhorst, Marcquet Hill, Nate Bryan, and Nicholas Phillips.

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