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Kristen Stewart to Direct ‘The Chronology of Water’

It’s time, of course, for Kristen Stewart to become the next great director. She’s already shown the world what she can do in front of the camera, after all, so she’s about to make her feature directorial debut with “The Chronology of Water,” with Imogen Poots (“The Father”) set to star in the lead role.

Stewart and producer Andy Mingo will collaborate on the screenplay, an adaptation of the poetic memoir by author Lidia Yuknavitch. The story concerns Yuknavitch’s difficult childhood with an abusive father and suicidal mother, her struggle with grief and addiction, and her eventual, life-affirming coming-of-age as a swimmer, a writer and confident queer woman.

Since her days of “Twilight” superstardom, Stewart has been making her own confident, arthouse-driven choices in terms of the films she’s in and the directors she works with – “Personal Shopper” with French filmmaker Olivier Assayas, for example – and this bodes well for her own instincts when she gets behind the camera.

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