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Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis To Announce Presidential Campaign Using June Anti LGBTQ+ Pride Month

The moving vans are in Tallahassee and it can only mean one thing. Queer News Tonight has predicted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ potential run for President of the United States for more than a year.

But we can confirm tonight it’s not moving vans that signal the announcement.  Florida GOP politicians and political insiders say it’s actually June LGBTQ+ Pride Month that is the signal that DeSantis is getting ready for a major announcement.

For weeks I have been talking to GOP insiders including state elected officials and GOP advisors to try to understand the motivation behind the recent months of the Florida legislative session, President Trump’s legal challenges and what the Governor will do next.

In breaking news Queer News Tonight can report Governor DeSantis will announce his Presidential ambitions with intentional timing as a statement against June LGBTQ+ Pride Month. A legislative director for a Tampa Bay GOP Senator spoke to me on the condition of confidentiality.

He said “…all of the pieces are now in place.  The Presidential campaign announcement will coincide with June gay pride.  The campaign will contrast the Governors success on issues for Parental choice, Transgender identity, drag queens and other LGBT topics and the visibility of the month long celebration. The national stage of his success at the last session combined with the attention the nation will have on pride month is perfect to launch his campaign.  The timing has already been determined.”

A GOP Florida representative confirmed the Governor’s choice to launch his Presidential campaign for a June 1 goal line by telling me “The Governor will announce his Presidential campaign timed at the beginning of LGBTQ pride month.  The campaign has discussed privately with us that it will be a key component of the campaign.”

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