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Black Trans Women Making Their Voices Heard

They are most at risk of death and violence just for being who they are. Black trans women have the most to lose. When society wants to shut them up, two are demanding to be heard. Tatiana Williams, founder of TransInclusive Group has been named to Human Rights Campaign’s Board of Directors. She’s served on HRC’s Board of Governors since 2021, and was the Community Engagement Co-Chair for HRC’s South Florida Steering Committee. She told me, “I want to ensure my voice is not only present but heard, addressing critical topics such as equity, representation, safety, and resource allocation for the transgender community.” From large galas to small community events, Tatiana is a ubiquitous presence in South Florida. This comes on the heels of Adrianna Tender being named as new vice president of the Dolphin Dems, the first black trans woman to hold the job. She, too, serves on HRC’s Board of Governors. Their importance cannot be overstated. They will not be shouted down. They will demand to be heard. They are smart, competent leaders who bring perspectives missing from civil rights conversations. Their visibility sends a message that we value everyone. That we listen to everyone. That othering and marginalization will not be tolerated. At a time when even some in the LGBTQ+ community urge us to abandon “the T,” Tender and Williams’ presence and importance has never been more needed. You can read about both Williams and Tender in Out South Florida online and on stands now.

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