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A Trans Student And Her Allies Are Under Investigation And Under Attack

The purity test is underway. Broward County educators are being investigated for not being as rabidly anti-trans as Florida’s rightwing Republican-Fascists require. Coconut Creek’s Monarch High School is in turmoil after Principal James Cecil, Asst. Principal Kenneth May, Athletic Director Dione Hester, and Information Management Technician Jessica Norton were reassigned while they are investigated for allowing a girl to play on the girl’s volleyball team. Coach Alex Burgess is not with the team. The player involved is a trans girl, and allowing her to participate as her true, authentic self, is anathema to bigoted parents and politicians. The Republican-controlled legislature did Gov. Ron DeSantis’ bidding and passed the misleadingly-named Fairness In Women’s Sports Act, which bars trans girls from playing sports. That is anything but fair. While the district is trying to get away with taking a measured approach, Florida’s Department of Education is much more rabid in its response, and its call for a pound of flesh. “As soon as the Department was notified that a biological male was playing on a girls’ team in Broward County, we instructed the district to take immediate action since this is a direct violation of Florida law. We expect there will be serious consequences for those responsible.” As for the student body, they showed up and walked out to support their classmate, shouting “Let her play!” This is the moment. It fits DeSantis’ fascist, strong-man M.O.: Go to a blue part of the state and attack open minded, fair schools. They attacked a school for a field trip to Rosie’s. They come after books. They come after teachers. This is a dark moment and there’s no sign of light. In this darkness we must shout out and be heard. When we emerge into the light, we must demand to be seen. Our enemies know we are not going away.. and neither are the students they oppress for political points.

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