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John Travolta and Katherine Heigl Sing a Love Song

Follow along, because the queer hook here is that it’s a musical, and we as a people tend to enjoy those. Nick Vallelonga, Oscar-winning screenwriter and producer of “Green Book,” has another film coming, “That’s Amore!,” a musical loosely based on the beloved 1955 Ernest Borgnine-starring “Marty.” It’ll star lifelong musical vet John Travolta alongside Katherine Heigl (our favorite vaping villain from the good-bad 2017 thriller “Unforgettable”) as a pair who think their chances at love have passed them by, only to discover they might be right for each other. It co-stars Christopher Walken, “Rocky” legend Talia Shire, William Fichtner, D.B. Sweeney and “Sopranos” alum Drea de Matteo. They’ve also recorded some songs, but that’s everything we know right now. Good omen: Mr. Travolta has proven he knows his way around a song-and-dance routine. Less good omen: Heigl’s character’s name is Patty Amore. OK, that’s actually hilarious. But we’re… excited anyway? Right?

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