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Gay On Gay Hate Over Gaza War Flairs Across Social Media And South Florida Non Profit

The ongoing #Israeli#Palestine conflict has created a rift between the #LGBTQ+ #community of #SouthFlorida and across the country. This division can be seen on social media platforms like #Reddit. One user recently posted on the r/gayjews forum about being permanently #banned from r/lgbt for asking not to use the word #genocide irresponsibly and to show any empathy for the #Jewish #victims. He asked about the possibility of experiencing the highest degree of anti-Semitism within the lgbt community. Other Reddit users reacted to the post. One said, “Too bad we Jews are excluded from this intersectionality, as we are from all anti-racist circles.” Another post said, “The LGBT community has always been open to all unless you are Jewish, but maybe they’ll accept you if are a “good Jew” who self-flagellates and condemns other Jews.” On the other hand, the Aqua Foundation For Women’s Executive Director faced backlash for showing support for Palestine and asking for a ceasefire in Gaza. Mateo Ventura Bruer posted on his personal Instagram account on November 21 including #FromTheRiverTotheSea. On November 28, he posted an apology for the offense caused by the alleged anti-semetic hashtag. Bruer posted a clarification for his use of the hashtag as an aspirational call for freedom, human rights, and peaceful coexistence.” However, not everyone was pleased with the clarification. For one, drag artist and Aqua scholar Bad Papi canceled the performance at the Aqua Affair.

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