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Up in Style: Below Deck’s Bruno Duarte and His Husband Alex V Step Out in ES Collection USA

Alex V (L). Bruno Duarte (R) / Tarek Del Moreno

Bruno Duarte rose to fame as a breakout star on the Bravo reality TV show Below Deck. He starred in the series as a deck hand, winning the hearts of viewers for his gorgeous looks and compelling life story.

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Duarte suffered a traumatic childhood marked by an abusive father and the loss of his twin brother. Determined to find his way in life, Duarte found work as a waiter in luxury hotels and restaurants. He then took his passion for hospitality to the sea, working first on cruises, then jumping ship into yachting.

Bruno Duarte / Tarek Del Moreno

By the time Below Deck came calling, life was smooth sailing for Duarte, professionally and personally. However, the winds of change would come blowing in with Duarte exiting the show and ending his relationship with his fiancé.

Today, Bruno Duarte has found love again with Alex and the two are exploring a new venture together as fashion models.  They are featured in the spring campaign for ES Collection USA.

How did you meet?

I was living in Cannes with my then fiancé and we decided to visit Nice and go to the gay bars. Alex happened to be a bartender at one of the bars and we started to talk.

Was it love at first sight?

I had a wave of feelings that I had never felt before.   My ex and I were in a seven-year relationship and thought it might be nice to have an experience with a third. But after meeting Alex, I wanted him for me, period.  I couldn’t see him with my ex. Our first four weeks together, we couldn’t let each other go.

Bruno Duarte (L) with Alex V (R) / Tarek Del Moreno

Alex, what do you love most about Bruno?

His generosity, his determination, his smile, the way he takes care of me. He is a golden man and that’s why I married him! I don’t believe we have spent a day apart since the first day we met.

What do you love most about Alex?

Alex is kind, his love is intense and the feeling that I have when he looks into my eyes is unique.

What is a typical day in the life of Alex and Bruno like?  

Bruno:  I left my job in the yachting industry to be present in our relationship and since then we’ve been traveling and living our dreams.

How did you each find your way into modeling athleticwear?

Alex:  All of the modelling work has been driven by our social media. The team at ESCollectionUSA invited us to collaborate on their latest campaign.

Who is the biggest ham in front of the camera?  

Alex: (Laughing) Bruno!

Bruno:  Alex hates being in the spotlight. It isn’t easy for him. I go with the flow, and I always have so much fun working with him.

Alex, can you tell us about your tattoos?  Do they hold a particular meaning for you?

They all hold special meaning to me; most having to do with my family and my grandparents.

Bruno, you have a few tats too…

I have two small tattoos.  I did the first one when Alex and I were in Lisbon together.  The other was done in France.  Neither has significant meaning but I plan to soon add a big tattoo on my arm to represent a childhood trauma that I experienced.

Bruno Duarte (L), Alex V (R) in ES Collection / Tarek Del Moreno

How do you each maintain your physiques?

Alex:  A lot of gym, cross fit, diet, and struggles.
Bruno: (Laughing) Alex is more sensitive when it comes to food temptation!

What’s your advice to couples on how to keep their love strong this spring?

Alex:  Our strong foundation is built on communication. Also, accepting that there will be bad moments but it is important to never give up.

Bruno:  If you love someone, you can’t run away just because things are bad. The real love is when you stay and face the problems, and work together to overcome them.

What’s next for you both?

Alex:   We want to build our own business. We have some ideas that we are cooking.

Bruno:  I’m also trying to get back into some adventure reality show. Likely not Below Deck.  I think that show is over for me.

Alex V (L), Bruno Duarte (R) / Tarek Del Moreno

All gear is available now at ESCollectionUSA.com.

Bruno Duarte is featured on the cover of the March 14, 2024 issue of HOTspots Magazine (PHOTO: Tarek Del Moreno):

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