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Should I Stay In A Church That Is Against Same-Sex Relationships?

One user on r/GayChristians asked “Should I stay at a church where the teaching is strongly against same-sex relationships?” Needless to say, many responded to it. This individual has been a part of the church community for six years, finding support during challenging times and experiencing personal growth in accepting their identity as a gay Christian. However, tensions arose when a new vicar delivered a sermon non-affirming of same-sex relationships, causing inner conflict for the user. Options considered include continuing attendance while keeping feelings private, confiding in trusted friends, addressing concerns with the vicar, or quietly leaving the church. The user leans towards Side A theology but seeks a supportive community regardless of theological stance. Responses from fellow users emphasized the importance of finding a church where one feels accepted and affirmed as a gay Christian. One user advised considering future implications for potential relationships and finding a faith community where acceptance is genuine rather than merely tolerated. Queer God Squad believes in finding a faith community that authentically accepts and affirms LGBTQ+ individuals, just like Sunshine Cathedral of Fort Lauderdale. Such communities advocate for spaces where love and acceptance transcend theological differences, recognizing the importance of nurturing spiritual growth in an environment that celebrates diversity and inclusion

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