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Candis Cayne Brings SNL-like Diaper Dolls To Life To Fight Anti-LGBTQ+ Laws

In response to ongoing legislative attacks against queer individuals, entertainment pioneers Candis Cayne and Danna Davis have launched Mary, It’s Mary Productions. The company is dedicated to sharing trans-centric stories infused with positivity and humor. The name “Mary” holds historical significance, reclaimed from an antigay slur to a term of endearment between the two friends. Their upcoming project, “Diaper Dolls,” satirizes anti-trans bathroom bills, particularly targeting Florida’s discriminatory laws. Humor, they believe, is a powerful tool against bigotry, allowing for both expression and persuasion. Scheduled for release on Trans Day of Visibility on March 31, “Diaper Dolls” is just one of their initiatives. “Chaser,” a trans amorous romcom set in the 90s, aims to portray trans love stories with traditional happy endings, countering harmful stereotypes. Their broader vision includes reality series like “Doctor’s Orders: It’s Sickening,” spotlighting LGBTQ+ healthcare professionals, and documentaries such as “Wilton Wins,” exploring the transformation of Wilton Manors, Florida, into an LGBTQ+ haven. Cayne emphasizes the importance of empathy and connection, hoping to bridge gaps between communities through shared experiences. Despite challenges, she remains hopeful for a more inclusive future, recognizing art as a catalyst for progress in LGBTQ+ rights. Through Mary, It’s Mary Productions, they aim to amplify trans voices and foster understanding on a broader scale.

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