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New HOTspots Magazine Brings You The Best Of LGBTQ+ Culture April 11

HOTspots is celebrating 40 years with the new issue on stands Thursday. The magazine is part of HOTspots Happening Out, the largest non-profit LGBTQ+ media group in America. The new issue brings several interesting features, including a full feature on the OUTshine Film Festival coming April 18 – 28. This new issue is an Annual Pet Issue with features like “Bonding with Your Four-Legged Friend” and “Dog Grooming Advice to Keep Pets Clean and Healthy” to help you take care of your pets. The magazine has also covered all the details about the Second Annual ArtServe Impact Awards along with Arts United’s Jazz Under the Stars featuring Karina Iglesias. If you are a history buff, the magazine has a whole feature dedicated to the importance of this month in LGBTQ+ history and on The History Behind next weeks Lesbian Visibility Week LVW24. You won’t want to miss the Spring 2024 TV & Film preview by Leo M. Irving. This week’s HOTspot Hotties interviews are of Jordan Cipriano and Francisco Albertus. For 40 years, Hotspots Happening Out has brought you the best of LGBTQ+ culture and entertainment with our Hotspots Magazine and television shows like ‘The W Boys’. Grab your Free Copy on Thursday, or else be ready to miss all the fun.

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