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JoJo Siwa Record Audience At Miami Beach Pride Proves What’s Next For Her

JoJo Siwa wowed the crowd at Miami Beach Pride, shattering audience records with her electric performance. The singer took the stage to the largest audience the Pride event has ever witnessed. While her claim of pioneering “gay pop” sparked some controversy among queer music fans, Siwa had no trouble captivating the masses with her hit single “Karma” at this week’s event. Days before her stellar performance, Siwa clarified her earlier statements about inventing “gay pop,” telling Billboard that while she aimed to start a new music genre, she acknowledged artists like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus as pioneers in the field. In an interview with TMZ, she emphasized her desire to contribute to the genre’s growth and visibility. On the Love Spirit Entertainment Stage of Miami Beach Pride, Siwa unleashed her vibrant energy, singing, dancing, and dazzling the audience in her signature style. Some gay media outlets Early suggest a staggering 55,000 attendees flocked to witness her groundbreaking performance, potentially setting a new record for the event. Event organizers are yet to confirm the official count and while the number is unlikely there is little doubt that Siwa made a major statement of her growing love from the LGBTQ+ community. However, Jojo’s official Instagram post says, “Broke the record for Miami pride attendance for a performance with a effing 50,000 of you in the crowd. My biggest audience ever as well.” Everyone at Hotspots Magazine Happening Out Television Network congratulates Miami Beach Pride. It shows that in Florida, and with the events we are witnessing in this election year, that a Pride celebration is critical for the next generation of LGBTQ+ rights.

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