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Johnny Be Good: Johnny Donovan Stars in KinkMen’s ‘The Electro Dom’

Johnny Donovan in Electro Dom / Photo courtesy Kinkmen.com

Johnny Donovan began his adult career with Sean Cody, where as “Deacon”, his boy-next-door charm, strong on-screen presence and natural talent for engaging with the camera won over legions of horny fans. Now seeking to explore new horizons, Donovan has transitioned to KinkMen, where he is showcasing his versatility as a dom and sub and embracing more diverse and intense roles.

Johnny Donovan in Electro Dom / Photo courtesy Kinkmen.com

We spoke with Johnny Donovan on the set of The Electro Dom, his new film with Brody Fox.

We meet a new side of Johnny Donovan in The Electro Dom.  What inspired you to take on the role?

Johnny Donovan: KinkMen.com has always been of interest to me. A lot of my sexual firsts were on camera:  my first threesome, my first orgy, my first times with FTM and MTF trans people… I guess I thought if I wanted to try something new like flogging, caning or electro play, then it might as well be on film. There is a sense of safety for me on a porn set.

You play the Electro Dom.  Are you always in control?

I’m naturally more of a pleaser, so I enjoy dominating when I’m in tune with what my sub needs. When I’m feeling selfish and needy, I enjoy subbing more.  

Let’s take it back a little.  You grew up in Idaho.  What was that like?

My childhood was idyllic. I grew up in a small migrant farming community in southern Idaho. I was one of three white kids in a school of mostly Mexicans. I grew up enjoying the simple life, playing every sport, but mostly soccer.

When did you first realize you were gay?  

When I was 11, my best friend introduced me to this hardcore hetero site and I was way more into the men than my friend was, so I started to put some things together. I realized some of the boys I was trying to get close to since elementary school were not necessarily boys I wanted to be friends with. Then middle school was so much different. Suddenly I was nervous around the cute boys I used to be cool with and I just got more and more confused.

Photos by Ivan Ávila

Did you have any early experiences?

One day in the locker room my friend and I were talking about sex as we were undressing. I admitted I was a virgin and he told me he had lots of sex.  I asked him if the girls were pleased with his size because I thought I was bigger. He challenged me to a comparison. He said he was a grower and not a shower, so I asked “What do you want to get it hard?”  I was hoping he would take the bait but he just shrugged it off and made an excuse for us to hurry out of the locker room.

When did you come out to family and friends? 

I came out to some of my friends right when I figured it out myself.   It took me two years to come out to my parents, though. Even then I didn’t come out so much as just inform them I was dating a boy.  My mom was a little shocked. She told me not to tell my dad because she thought it would be better if she got his initial reaction. From what I hear he was a little upset by the news, but they both kept loving me. My siblings were even cooler about it. Some expected, and some were surprised: I try not to take offense to either reaction.

You were 27 when you and your partner, Ricky, both launched your careers with Sean Cody.  

Actually, I was 26, but I think I said I was 24 on the site. We had been together for two years at that point and had just started opening our relationship to threesomes. Deciding to get into porn was a little scary at first, but once we did it, it was great. It made us stop taking ourselves so seriously in a lot of ways. We both had three jobs before porn and we were stretching ourselves thin. Looking back, I feel more like a 26-year-old now than I did then. I felt like I was sprinting toward 50 with all the stress and worry about the future. I understand now that things I used to take so seriously don’t need to be.

What did your family and friends think of your decision to launch an adult film career?

My lifelong friends from high school thought it was crazy but cool. They live very heteronormative lives, and as open-minded and inclusive as they are, they get uncomfortable talking about anything they don’t know. My family was always on the side of “Just be as safe as you can.” There has been no pushback, at least not to my face, and I feel supported emotionally.

Johnny Donovan in Electro Dom / Photo courtesy Kinkmen.com

What do you enjoy most about being an adult film star?

I like the people I work with. Sex work is becoming so normalized and taboos about sexuality are being lifted, so everyone I work with has made a conscious choice to do this work. They do it because they love it and it is work that comes naturally to them. Imagine working in any other industry where everyone around you enjoys what they are doing and they are really good at it. It’s just a joy. I also like how we get to engage with our fans. Having my fan site outside of the studio stuff lets me connect with the people who are watching me in my films.

Will we see you in additional Kink Men films?  

You will be seeing me start to explore my role as a switch this year. I can’t go into details about specific scenes, but I hope to get tied up a number of times and flogged.

Do you ultimately want to end up on the other side of the camera, filming and producing kink films?

I’ve played with the idea. My degree is in television broadcast, and I do love to write copy and edit footage… but I think the part I love about this business is in front of the camera. I don’t want to ruin that with too many auxiliary roles.

What do you see as the future of adult film?

The future has to be 3D, right? People are loving what VR has done to porn. I think the GoPro 360 camera and similar tools will continue to be used more in productions. Maybe we’ll eventually have adult theaters that are 4D experiences.

Photo by Ivan Ávila

What makes Johnny Donovan smile?

Nothing makes me smile quite like the feeling of two round cheeks that fit into the palms of my hands while I’m seven inches deep.

What makes you crazy?

This thing my fiancé does with his tongue in my ear. It drives me insane, in a good way.

What is your prized possession?

I don’t put a lot of stock in possessions, but I lost my Kindle once and I thought I was going to throw up.

If you could convince any celeb to film a scene for Kink Men, who would you choose?

I would love to see Jason Mamoa in a KinkMen.com scene where he is a biker and he forces me to spit shine his bike and lick his and his biker friends’ boots.  Then cut to a scene where they have me tied up on the bar and they each take their turn on me. 

Photo courtesy of Kinkmen.com

If anywhere on the planet were an option, where would you most like to live?

I think I would be happiest in La Jolla, San Diego, California. I mean, if it was at all affordable.

What’s left to do on your life’s bucket list?

Machu Picchu, Yosemite, snowboarding and surfing in New Zealand, getting married… so much to do!

Final message to fans?

The rest is love.

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