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Beasley Feb 19 2009

In Issue 8

Weekly Gossip from Mrs. Beasley

I only like two types of men.. Domestic & Imported – Mae West

Pompano Bill is resting as comfortably as can be expected after hip replacement surgery two weeks ago. He is on the mend and is grateful for all the attention being showered on him by his adoring fans.
For those who still haven’t mailed those cards and get well wishes, mail them to::
Pompano Bill
PO Box 22672
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33335

Birthdays   February 19 – 25
John Steurer on the 19th, Dana Chapman, Ron Wilbanks on the 20th, David Langel, Marty on the 22nd, Joey Catz, Joe Mumpower on the 23rd, Joe Coleman, Luis Torres, Malcolm G., Steven from Atlanta on the 25th, Joe Cox, Hotspotsí (Alibi & Billís) hot, hunky Bobby Furedi on the 25th & Bend D.  on the 26th.
Oh, and happy anniversary to Bob Pastor (GM of Boardwalk) and Kurt Phillips!
Best wishes to you all!

We Hear
A gaggle of gorgeous models from New York sashayed into trËs chic, trËs hip, trËs sexy Living Room over the weekend. Of course they were hard to spot in the crowd of the all the other beautiful people!

Auntie Mame has returned from her cruising rounds and will be back at Smarty Pants at 3:00 pm Sundays and at Boardwalk from 5:00 to 9:00 Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Pooch, the longest running bartender in town, is holding court at Scandals and still has a huge following.

Ciao, the poignant story of love and friendship lost and found, has been drawing record crowds and opens at the Gateway Friday, March 6th. Before you sit down to watch the movie donít forget they have best damned popcorn anywhere!

Two little love birds got a big surprise when they were setting up their new nest. Actually, it was the movers who got the big surprise when they moved the bed and discovered the collection of toys that had been misplaced. No names, but their faces are still red so Iím sure you can spot them!

Thatís it for this week, kiddies. Remember, when your making the rounds of the bars and welcoming all the tourists donít forget to keep an eye on your drink! Never, ever leave your glass alone. Oh, and wrap it before you tap it!

Mrs. Beasley



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