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Beasley Mar 12 2009

In Issue 8

Weekly Gossip from Mrs. Beasley

“Nobody’s perfect until you fall in love with them.” Anon

Birthdays March 12th – 18th
Miss Puddin on the 15th, Latese Chevron, Brian, Paul, David M., Ernie, Gene, Bert J., Mike Hulett, John Cote, Todd Boggs, Boom’s Tim Foutch on the 18, Hunk Alan Russell of Voodoo on the 17th, Charles Trunck, Terry M., Steven Como, Stefanie Sinclaire, Billy Marcella, Ralph, Eric Hastings, Dave G of Depot on the 16th, Luis Cuba, Velveeta Deluxe, Billy Masters 0n the 12th , Joe, Stefan and Harry D.

We Hear
That beloved icon of our community Pompano Bill is recovering very nicely from recent hip surgery and is back at home. All the best to you, Bill, from your thousands of friends and fans. We miss your smiling face out and about. Hurry back!
That superstar of porn Dean Coxx will be appearing at the world famous Boardwalk on St Patrick’s Day, March 17th with 2 shows. This hunk is so amazing he’s not to be missed in this one night appearance. Please be early as it will be packed for the hot show.
That a certain very hot star of films was spotted at a towel club in disguise but was still recognized. He was the most sought after guy there with guys watching his every move. He did meet a lucky guy and they left for his seaside hotel suite right away. Yes, he plays for both teams and visits our area frequently. Think action flicks.

That a school teacher met up with a wide receiver at Sea Monster on a recent Sunday at the popular tea dance and scored two touchdowns.

That a very proper banker wasn’t so proper at a session at his pad with a hot dancer; there was no penalty for early withdrawal.
That a new bar is in the making for the Las Olas area, with two current bar owners at the helm. Stay tuned!

That one of the hottest bartenders in this town is working at Steel/Jackhammer and is said to be hanging one of the biggest pieces in town.

That a bar employee who moonlights as a model will soon be seen in a Playgirl spread late this year if the contracts get signed. We can only hope so!

That sexy Willie of Beefcake’s is drawing huge crowds of hungry fans to the hot spot where you get free admission to Boardwalk if you dine.

That gorgeous Chris of Johnny’s is as perfect as one can be and such a nice guy, too. Stop by and check him out, he’s one of the best bartenders in town. Be there for Sunday’s Noche Latina night with Amanda West. It’s a very hot night from 7 pm to midnight.

That a former bar owner was in town shopping for a new bar and hit all the hot spots.
That congratulations go out to Guido and his famous Rimmer Magazine for a very successful “Sleazy Awards show at Boardwalk and at Bill’s. Both venues did a bang up job of hosting the annual event and there were some surprise winners, too. Remember, everyone has a “Sleazy” side.

That a hottie from Dudes has a millionaire chasing him and so far he has refused a date with the older gent, but we hear he is considering dinner at Tropics with the guy and no hanky panky for dessert involved!

That a play for pay dancer is really a hot, hot bottom but pretends to be a virgin to draw more bucks from his well heeled followers but his heels are the ones that go up fast when he hits the bed.

All for this one, but please play safe and use condoms. The snow up north has flooded our city with some very hunky guys looking for fun and some for discipline. Ramrod is packed, as are all the bars, so get out and get it on and remember, buzzed driving is drunk driving, so beware!

Cheers, and have a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Do wear your green!
Mrs Beasley



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