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Beasley Mar 26 2009

In Issue 13

Weekly Gossip from Mrs. Beasley

“On the runway of life, you never know what’s coming off next.” Arthur Kopit

Birthdays March 26th – April 1st
Gary Santis on the 31st, Marty Finn, Ivan M., Will Lindsey, Ricky, Jerry Yerich on the 27th, Jim, Hal, Larry E., Eddie, porn star Jeff Palmer, Michael, Sam, Greg, Twist’s Richard Trainer, Miss Liz, Randy, Linda, Todd, Good Pal Dominick Tedesco on the 28th, Rick Rohan, Ed and Ryan Holmes. April 1st Linda Tallant, Boardwalk’s Felipe, James, Candy Colby, Gabe, So Be diva Henrietta, Robbie P., Carl McCure and very special belated birthday wishe to Joel, who celebrated on the 11th.

Get well wishes go out to community icon Richard Gray, who is recovering from very serious knee surgery. Richard had just returned from representing South Florida in Berlin, Germany right before his surgery. We wish a very speedy recovery to this wonderful guy who travels so far and does so much for our community. All the best, Richard, from your numerous friends and fans.

We Hear

 That Super star Joaquin Phoenix went off on a front row heckler during his new Hobo Rapper act in Miami Beach (we hear he was four hours late), saying ìWe have a fuóing bitch in the audience.î He was also heard that he said, ìI’ve got a million dollars in the bank, what have you got?î He then leapt at the guy and trouble ensued but was quickly broken up by security. Casey Affleck was taping the entire scene for a new documentary they’re making.

That Dennis Rodman was in attendance at the opening of the new 11 Club next door to Johnny’s. The 11 Club is a Saturday night venue only with other venues during the week at the newly renovated night club.

That the new movie ìClandestinosî has been released by TLA Releasing and is now available in stores or online. ìClandestinosî is an awesome flick about the raging adolescent hormones when 3 teen boys escape from a detention center. Put this one at the top of your ìMust Seeî list!

That Local pseudonymous porn fiction author Kenn Dahll e-published a sizzling short story on eXcessica.com entitled ìGetting Wet In The Mall.î Kenn’s work has also been accepted by Alyson Books for three new titles, one recently publisted and the other two coming out over the next twelve months. We salute Kenn and wish him the very best.

That Daisy Deadpetals who, in my humble estimation, is one of the finest performers in the biz, is drawing huge crowds to see her ìPorn-A-Thonî show at the Boardwalk on Tuesdays. She is totally clever, always has new material every week and is full of surprises. Not to be missed!!! And remember, with dining at Beefcake’s you get free admission to Boardwalk and they are serving food till very late, like 2 am!

That a certain hot duo who should know better were in a car behind a funeral home parking lot getting it on!

That a certain bar employee of the HOT kind got his happy boxers invaded by three other hotties after saying, ìFour way or no way!î Go figure!!!

That a dancer got caught by his girfriend getting head from a john in a lot on Las Olas. Both appendages were hanging out as they jumped out of the car, with dancer in pursuit of her. I guess he got paid up front.

That a straight, married, handsome guy is lusting over a gorgeous, title-holding Drag Diva. Think initial ìVî.

That a horny bartender was overheard saying to a hot dude, ìWhen in doubt, whip it outî and so the dude did just that and many are still gasping!!!

That 3 college hunks got their cherries popped by a rough daddy in his sling after a long drinking bout and they loved it. Well, we knew that as they went looking for it!!!

All for this time, but do play safe with all the spring breakers around and double bag it, my dear readers. Get out and play as this is the time to find all the action you want at all of our wonderful hot spots.



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