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Sidelines 3rd Anniversary

Sidelines 3rd Anniversary

Sidelines 3rd Anniversary

The idea was birthed during one of their pool team’s games when Laurie Whittaker and Marty Kildea contemplated and agreed that what this community was lacking was a true sports bar for gay men and women. After months of conversation and brainstorming they decided to take the leap of faith to realize their dreams. Most people, friends and family included, initially thought the two were crazy! “Gay people are not into sports!” Laurie remembered her friends telling her.


In a very short period of time, however, a location was selected (the former bar Circuit on Wilton Drive); Marty’s construction company began designing the build out and construction of the space, while Laurie’s legal expertise handled all the licensing, business planning and corporate organizational concerns necessary. Jennifer Morales, Laurie’s partner of twenty-eight years, was brought in to help out with the marketing of the idea.

As fate would have it, both come from good Irish families whose relatives were barkeeps in this country themselves. So, it wasn’t a stretch to say “it is in their blood”.
In just three short years, Sidelines Sports Bar has become Fort Lauderdale’s most popular gay sports bar. Customers come into the club and find a clean, open, bright space with sports memorabilia decorating it’s now famous green walls, Flatscreen TV’s showing sports and sporting events, such as baseball, basketball, tennis, football, hockey, NASCAR and even the now popular ultimate fighting matches. You’ll also hear fans cheering their favorite teams, especially during football season, when one must come in early to get a good viewing seat!

Visitors come to Wilton Manors from all across the country and discover this unique gay sports bar that’s like no other; one with a relaxed and comfortable environment and a bar staff that is well-known as one of the friendliest in town. Whether sports is your thing, Laurie and Marty have made Sidelines a fun place to go where making new friends or having fun with old friends is the secret to their success.



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