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Dishing with Mark & Carrie Aug 6th 2009


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Organizations United Together – O.U.T.

O.U.T., a leadership group of over 140 people representing 59 GLBTA organizations across Florida, met for the second time early last week. Only 7 months after forming, O.U.T. has grown from 14 to 59 members and has received a national grant for $150,000. The full day seminar started with the introduction of the board and officers followed by a fascinating array of guest speakers: Michael Bath of National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, Shelbi Day of American Civil Liberties Union LGBT Advocacy Project, Anthony Farver of Standup SWFL GLBT Alliances, a representative of Gender Identity in Florida (GIFT), Linda Jain of Gay & Lesbian Community Center of South Florida, Cathy James of Securing Our Children’s Future (SOCR), Michael Rajner of Florida GLBT Democratic Caucus and Dolphin Democrats, Marty Rouse of HRC National Field Director, Joe Saunders of Equality Florida, David Schauer of Interpride, and Shawn Werner of Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund Institute. GaYBOR District Coalition is very excited to be a part of the vibrant O.U.T.


American Idols Invade Tampa

Al Ferguson from Sarasota had extra tickets for the American Idols Summer Tour 2009 and asked us to if we wanted to go. How could we say no? We had our favorites and one of them was coming to the St. Pete Time’s Forum. The seats were front section on the floor, right in front of the stage. WOW, how incredible was this!! All top 10 finalists were there: Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta, Anoop Desai, Danny Gokey, Kris Allen, Lil Rounds, Matt Giraud, Megan Joy, Michael Sarver and Scott MacIntyre. Adam Lambert was the mega star with the most exciting and hot performance with everyone in the forum screaming, yelling and on there feet. Yes, Anoop, Lil and Matt Giraud excited the crowd with their high-energy flair. We have to say this was one concert we will really cherish!


GaYBOR Karaoke Idols Finals

Songs by Michael Buble, Michael Jackson, George Michael and others were sung at this year’s 10-week run of GaYBOR Karaoke Idols held at Streetcar Charlie’s. Spinning for the Idols competition was karaoke teamster, DJ Bill-n-Kyle. This year’s outstanding winner was Vanessa Rodriguez and runner up to the $5,000 purse was Anna P. Huge. Bouquets of roses were presented by Island Florists and accommodations for weekend stays were given out by Howard Johnson’s Downtown Plaza. Congratulations to Streetcar Charlie’s on another finely executed season of highly competitive and high level karaoke.



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