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GaYBOR Leaders Meet with Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor

The Holiday Season is kicking off to a roaring start 11-11-11. “Ybor Thunder.” the largest bike fest Tampa has ever seen will be in Ybor City! 7th Ave will be closed and open only to bikes Friday and Saturday! The following weekend is Ybor City Cigar & Heritage Festival Weekend in Ybor City. More holiday plans are in the works for Historic Ybor City and include extensive street decorating, holiday parties, Santa Claus and even SNOW this year! YborEvents.com

dishing-gaybor-leaders-meet-police-1GaYBOR Leaders Meet with Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor

The GaYBOR District Coalition Executive Board had a sit down “Meet & Greet” at Hamburger Mary’s with the top Tampa police officials, Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor, Major Gerald Honeywell – District 3 Commander, Captain Keith O’Conner – F Sector Commander and Sean Mahabir -Ybor City Community Officer attended the get together.

“The chief always seems to have a friendly, gleamy aura about her. With an open ear listening to ideas, possible changes and safety needs of Tampa’s community residents and businesses.” said Carrie West, GaYBOR President. “The planned meeting brought together a GLBT scenario of working ideas and possible solutions, in helping maintain Ybor City’s safe west end entertainment district.”

Issues of the city parking garage, pan handling, parking lot safety and the upcoming GOP National Convention were talked about. The GaYBOR District along with Hampton Inn & Suites donated a fully-equipped police bicycle to Tampa Police Dept in June for use in the historic Ybor district.

Giant Rainbow Snowball down 7th

A short 5 years ago, before GaYBOR, there were no holiday decorations in Ybor City. This year there will be Spectacular Decorations everywhere, including a 34-ft. tree in Centro Ybor sponsored by Florida Entertainment Group (Honey Pot, G.BAR, Social , Gallery Live.) The tree will be light 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 30 by Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn! Throughout the holidays there are many events planned including, Ybor Art Festivals, 25 cent Streetcar rides, live music and even snow over 7th Ave. For all the times and dates visit www.YborEvents.com

People are Talking

– The new restaurant “Row Boat” has opened on the corner of 8th Ave. and 15th to rave reviews.

– The Liquid Lounge has become quite the place to be seen and not seen. Their naughty bois are really heating up the GaYBOR nights! Sunday’s are crazy fun too with the Judy B. Goode & Paul Thomas Show starting at 5 pm.

– On November 18th, G.BAR will be celebrating their Five Year Anniversary.

– There is much talk about a club available on the corner of 7th Ave & 15th Street. Rumors are running wild. . .Leather? Arts? Sports? Piano? Strippers? Show? All we can say is location, location, location! Who ever get’s it first will have a very prime location.

– Talking about location. . .There is a bar on Hamburger Mary’s Balcony now open. Saturday nights you can catch Tea Cup there from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. The show passing by on 7th Ave is a must do!



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