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Dishing with Mark And Carrie – November 15th 2012

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 We just love the magic of GaYBOR!!! After a full Sunday FUNday, we stopped by Bradley’s on 7th. Sitting next to us were two very cheerful guys


New Must Try Restaurant

    We just love the magic of GaYBOR!!! After a full Sunday FUNday, we stopped by Bradley’s on 7th. Sitting next to us were two very cheerful guys; Ryan and his friend. The conversation moved to food. When we talked about kimchi Ryan’s eyes opened up. It turns out he is a chef at the new restaurant across the street from the University of Tampa, “Edison: Food and Drink Lab.”

    Ryan described a chef’s special, Tuna Tartar with kimchi & Korean pickles that they make at the new open air trendy bistro. The next day, we made a trip to the Edison, which is located at 912 W. Kennedy Blvd in the same building as GaYBOR Members Tribeca Hair. The dining room has a fresh, clean, scientific fun “Edison-esk” atmosphere. The luncheon menu was full of unusually interesting and savory items, mostly New American Modern Cuisine. Our server explained that most of the items have 5+ flavors hidden on each plate. We looked up to see that our friend, Melissa (Madge) Judge, was working there as brand operations manager. After we commented on how fantastic the menu was she told us who the Chef/Owner is… Jeannie Pierola!!!

    WOW Jeannie is a legendary celebrity chef in Tampa. From Bern’s Steak House and SideBern’s Restaurants to private pop up parties!!! The staff is made up of people who Jeannie personally knows and has worked with. The food, service, and atmosphere all got 5 out of 5 stars from us. Our only complaint is that Edison is not located in Ybor City! LOL

 Mark & Carrie’s Nephew / Niece of the Week

Melanie Minyon

We have known, and had the pleasure of working with, Melanie for over 20 years. Of course we met in grade school!!! LOL Over the many years, we have never seen Melanie in a bad mood or ever upset. WTF??? Born in Montgomery, Alabama, today she lives in Dunedin, FL. We have the pleasure of working with Melanie again at Hamburger Mary’s.

GaYBOR Members of the Week

  Dean & Diane James

These two are local Yborite pioneers, who have been around since way before GaYBOR was thought of and they are true artisans who make up today’s historic Ybor City. The two of them are property owners in the historic district, stain glass makers, wrought iron imagineers, lighting idealist creators, and they are outgoing and friendly. They started their historic Ybor endeavors in mid 1970′s. Ybor City was more of a bohemian community and so crafty back then.

 The light bridges on 7th Ave were created by the couple along with the artsy iron shank trash bins. They have been members of GaYBOR District since its founding in 2007, and they are always willing to help with local projects and to serve on local committees. Up until this year the couple spent their summers in Pennsylvania.

    Congratulations to Dean & Diane James…



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