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This week, couples all across the country will celebrate love with that someone special. We wanted to see what some couples who have been committed for a long time had to say about Valentine’s Day, and what it takes to keep a relationship going in 2013. So, Hotspots asked the following questions all around the sunshine state…


This week, couples all across the country will celebrate love with that someone special. We wanted to see what some couples who have been committed for a long time had to say about Valentine’s Day, and what it takes to keep a relationship going in 2013. So, Hotspots asked the following questions all around the sunshine state:

What´s your best Valentine´s Day memory with your partner?

In your opinion, what does it take to make a relationship work?

Here are their responses.

Marc Negrete and Jackson Padgett (Alibi Wilton Manors)

Our first one in 2005 when he presented to me a leather bound keepsake box with a passed loved one’s picture on it so I would be able to place it on my nightstand and be able to sleep with them close to me every night and keep our keepsakes in it.

Patience; Trust; and understanding.

Laurie Whittaker and Jennifer Morales (Sidelines Wilton Manors)

Best Valentine’s Day Memory -As Laurie was walking out of the door of Walgreens with a Valentine’s Day card for me, I was walking in the door to buy her card. We stopped, looked at each other, and started cracking up!!

What does it take to make a relationship work – a lot of people ask us that question and after 32 years, the answers are quite simple – communication, laughter, and according to Laurie, lots and lots of SEX!!

Ken Kelly and Lloyd Pagels (Scandals and Stable Wilton Manors)

Every Valentine’s Day has created a special memory. After almost 35 years together I couldn’t choose just one.

There is no magical formula. Take the bad with the good, or don’t take it at all. Meaning,  be 100% committed to your partner during the bad times as well as the good times. Everything else will take care of itself.

Chris Burdekin and Russ Johannsen (Boom Wilton Manors)

Every Valentine’s Day have great memory to me.

I’ve been with Russ my partner now for 21 years; it’s all about love and knowing he’s my best friend that I can talk to.

Craig Mestel and Larry Pacheco (Revolution Orlando)

My greatest Valentine ’s Day memory is a daily one I share with Larry.  While I can appreciate the creativity for the holiday, I try to make each day better than the last for memories are too special to limit to one specific holiday. 

Open and honest communication with each other along with continual personal and spiritual growth.  “Checking in” with each other daily to see where each other is at mentally and personally and with the others permission offering feedback and support.  Most importantly balance, have fun, have romance, have disagreements, have it all and you will always have each other, have each other and your relationship will have the world at its fingertips.

Mark and Carrie (MC Film Tampa)

Every day is Valentine’s Day!

We never go to bed mad at each other. There have been some nights we stayed up all night long!

Steve Adkins and Diego ???? (MiamiDade Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce)

We have had so many, but I would have to say the first.  There was a restaurant on South Beach called Jeffrey’s (where MOVA is today) and, it was a destination for gay couples/friends.  Everyone knew everyone and, it was a very romantic place to dine.  We were greeted by Jeffrey (and Kurt his partner was the chef) with a rose.  The room was filled with red balloons, friends and, the meal was great.  I just remember sitting there with Diego so happy to have him in my life…a simple experience but, so special.  Shortly after, we took a boat over to the Bahamas’ and had an incredibly great weekend.  This year we celebrate number 13 and, it keeps getting better.

It seems cliché but, communication and letting the other person have their space.  You have to be able to talk to each other if you are to truly understand what your partner needs from the relationship.  What initially drew you to the other person was their uniqueness and how it added to yours.  If you somehow overpower that, that person goes away (and likely the relationship).  We all need our space to grow….it adds to the relationship and, makes it better.

Anthony Demaio & Dominick   Mojo’s Restaurant Fort Lauderdale

Being in the restaurant business with Valentine’s Day being one of the biggest days for dinning out, we spent most of them pleasing people whom we never met. One particular V Day our baker prepared a chocolate heart shaped cake with a phallic top and the inscription read ”I have a heart on for you” let your imagination run wild….we never needed a particular day to celebrate as we have been celebrating for over 32 years.

If you don’t have trust, compassion, understanding and forgiveness you will not get through life let alone a relationship. When you believe in something you find a way to make it work. Mistakes will be made but it is what we learn from them that keeps us growing together. Life is meant to be a challenge and there is no better joy than to share it with another person.

–Dr. Ferdinand Cabrera &  Dimitri Bakoulis  Genesis Health Institute Wilton Manors

Ferdinand and I got married in NYC this past December after almost 9 years together as partners. The best Valentine’s day we ever shared was when we wrote a love letter to each other and read them to each other over dinner at home that night… no candy, flowers, jewelry, shoes… just a true expression of love… sometimes it is the least expensive of things that are the most priceless. The two things that are truly needed to make any relationship work are to listen and love… it’s that simple

Dr. Russell Sassani and Michael Schneider Take Shape Plastic Surgery

Surprise champagne delivered during our dinner date arranged by an appreciative straight patient.

You must be an equally matched team, each with strengths that complement the other.  Giving up is not an option. Both positive and negative energies must be channeled toward making things better.

Michael Wanzie Parliament House Orlando

My “Partner” passed on to the next realm some 26 years ago, so I am now looking forward to creating future Valentine’s Day memories with someone who will undoubtedly be startled to discover my single status and availability when reading this answer in this outstanding publication. Hew will then ask me out, be thoroughly entertained by my upbeat personality and unyielding wit (and great foot massages), will find he can’t live without me, and then by time this question comes up again next year I’ll be able to recount the memory of the perfect Valentine’s Day date that I feel certain lies in my near future. (Prospective Valentines may contact me at WanzieMichael@yhoo.com“>WanzieMichael@yhoo.com)

Spontaneity! (Honesty is good too). Also employment.



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