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The Pride Center Presents “Dining with Pride” at Chipotle Mexican Grill

Tuesday, August 25

The Pride Center at Equality Park has organized “Dining with Pride” events in the past, and they have been a big hit with the LGBT community in Broward County. Another Dining with Pride event is coming, and you can donate to The Pride Center simply by ordering your favorite foods for lunch or dinner!Dining-out-Pride_copy

The Chipotle Mexican Grill location at 1736 N. Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale is the most recent participating restaurant in “Dining with Pride.” They will be holding a fundraiser for The Pride Center all day on Tuesday, August 25, from opening at 11 a.m. to closing at 8 p.m. All you have to do is show the cashier the special “Eat for Change” flyer (available for printout or display on smartphones via The Pride Center’s Facebook page at facebook.com/thepridecenter), and mention to the cashier that you’re supporting The Pride Center before you place your order. The cashier will then ring up your order, and 50% of the cost will be donated directly to The Pride Center.

The Pride Center has offered support and services to the LGBT community in Broward County since 1993. Their mission is “to provide a welcoming, safe space — an inclusive home that celebrates, nurtures and empowers the LGBTQ communities and our friends and neighbors in South Florida.” Crisis counseling, suicide prevention, referral services, HIV testing and prevention programs are just a number of the services that The Pride Center provides on a regular basis.

If you can’t participate in Dining with Pride but would still like to donate to The Pride Center, you can do so online by visiting pridecenterflorida.org/donate. You can make a standard donation or a special donation in honor of Bruce Bogan, a dearly departed member of the Hotspots Media Group family.

For more information on The Pride Center, visit pridecenterflorida.org.

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