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8 Must Have Tech Gadgets

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Tech Edition- Special Feature
Must have gadgets for the tech geek inside us all!

Every year thousands of new gadgets come out that promise to make our lives easier and this year is no exception. Without playing into stereotypes, it is worth pointing out that many gay men enjoy having the newest toys to play with every season, so we have put together a few of our favorites that will be making the rounds this holiday season. Some of these are things that you may want, or some may be the perfect gift for someone on your list. Check out these gadgets.
Mevo by Livestream- This hi tech video camera lets you record video or stream it live or even do both at the same time. This tiny little camera connects via Bluetooth to an app on your phone that then allows you to crop different views from that one shot to be able to focus on 9 different “virtual views”. This allows you edit your live shots while you take them so everyone better step up their game when they “go live” on facebook! ($399.99 GetMevo.com)
Ripple Buds- Bluetooth earphones are all the rage this year and the Ripple Buds promise to set the new standard for noise blocking technology, stating: “you will be able to be heard clearly anywhere, even on stage at a rock concert…”The newly invented microphone picks up sound from your inner ear, eliminating the need for an external mic and allowing you to be heard even when there is a lot of noise in your surroundings. They are tiny and discreet and are among the smallest earbuds on the market. They come with a portable charger that doubles as storage and will recharge the Ripple Buds even if you are away from a power source. ($139 and up RippleBuds.com)
Fitbit Blaze- Fitbit has become the industry leader in wearable fitness trackers and this year, their hottest new product is the Blaze. Far from the basic Fitbit that has no bells and whistles; this “watch” does a lot more than track your steps and tell you the time. It is able to track your heartbeat, sleeping patterns, how many steps you take, and much more. It also features a color display screen that can even give you work out tips and show you different workouts, right from your wrist. Like its predecessors, it connects to your phone via an app that can also help track your diet and other health statistics. ($199 and up Fitbit.com/blaze
YUNEEC E-GO ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD- Florida is perfect for an electric skateboard because there are few hills and lots of paved surfaces. Fancy models can cost as much as $2000 but the Yuneec E-Go is about a quarter of that and has many of the features that the more expensive models have, and even has a better battery so it is able to go farther than much of the high priced competition with the ability to travel 18 miles on one charge that will last about 50 minutes. The E-Go is light weight as well, coming in at 13.9lbs. Control your speed with a hand held controller or connect via Bluetooth to your phone and use that as your controller. Available on Amazon prime! ($699 E-Go.com)
Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter Drone- The perfect entry level drone for someone looking to fly their camera but not invest an arm and a leg in a professional model. This model has a built in camera and an altitude hold function that allows you to keep the drone at a certain height while releasing the throttle so that you can shoot quality images or video. The F181 RC has a range of 100 meters (about 100 yards) and fully charges in 80 minutes. Also available on Amazon Prime ($109.99 HolyStone.com)
Olympus Pen F Camera- For those of you who are looking for a simple camera for all of your terrestrial photos, what’s old is new again. The Olympus Pen F Camera is built to look like an old school camera but is actually state of the art with WiFi capability, a built in OLED view finder and 50 MP hi resolution shot mode. Advanced sensor technology combined with in-body image stabilization ensures superior resolution and razor-sharp images, even while you or your camera is moving. And fully customizable in-camera color control shoots photos with old school film quality right before your eyes. (1199.99 GetOlympus.com)
Apple iPad Pro- Apple has outdone themselves again with their newest iteration of the iPad. The iPad Pro is available in two different sizes (12.9 inch and 9.7 inch) and comes in several different colors. It features the highest available screen resolution of any device on the market and 25% better color saturation on the display than any previous models of the iPad. Battery life has been extended to 10 hours and Apple has even designed a case with a built in keyboard just for this model that is sleek and easy to use, it connects with the device using Bluetooth technology. Check out the box stores for special offers during the holiday season. ($599 and up Apple.com)
REXING S500 Dash Cam Pro-This dash cam package includes a camera for your dashboard as well one for you back bumper and all the gear to set them up including a 32 GB memory card to record the video. The dash cam features an auto sensor that can detect if you have been in an accident and automatically stores the recording so that you can use it later without worrying while you are dealing with the aftermath of a crash. This is especially useful in a state like Florida with so many hit and run accidents and tons of drivers who don’t have insurance. Available on Amazon Prime. ($169.99 Rexingusa.com)

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