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9 Sexy Nerds & Geeks

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The bad boys might get all the attention and have more than their fair share of sex, but no one wants to settle down with the bad boys. Nerdy and geeky guys are actually where it’s at! Like Judge Judy says, “Beauty fades, dumb is forever…” When you picture a nerd or a geek, you might picture someone who looks like Napoleon Dynamite or if you are of a certain age, Steve Urkel, but thankfully there are just as many sexy looking nerdy guys as there are those who are a mess. Below, we shout out a few of our favorite nerdy or geeky guys.
Pietro Boselli- The sexiest math teacher on the face of the planet. This Italian stallion took the internet by storm last year. He was a T.A. in London while he was finishing his PhD in Mechanical Engineering. It is worth mentioning that after he completed his studies, he started working as a model. I probably would have been a lot better in math if Pietro was my teacher… or maybe not.
Anderson Cooper- The silver fox has been on CNN since 2001 and came out as a gay man in 2012, confirming what had been an open secret for years. Cooper is the youngest son of fashion icon and NYC socialite Gloria Vanderbilt. His degree in Political Science from Yale and work as a fact checker for Channel One solidify his status as a nerd.
Thomas Roberts- Thomas Roberts is an American journalist who became the first openly gay man to anchor the evening news on a major television network. He received the honor when he filled in on the Evening News with Lester Holt on NBC. He came out to his coworkers long before he gained fame as an anchor for CNN and later MSNBC. Roberts hales from Towson, Maryland, a suburb of Baltimore and attended Western Maryland College (Now McDaniel College) and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications.
Rachel Maddow- As far as dorks on TV, Rachel Maddow is the zenith. Maddow, an out lesbian, touts two of the top universities on earth on her resume. She did her undergrad work at Stanford University, and she was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University in England. She was the first openly gay or lesbian person to become a Rhodes Scholar. She wrote her doctoral thesis on HIV/AIDS and Health Care Reform in British and American Prisons.
Vin Diesel- While the hunky Diesel is well known for his starting roles on the big screen, he is actually a certified nerd. He has been an avid player of Dungeons & Dragons for over 20 years and he even wrote the forward for a book that commemorated the 30th anniversary of the board game which has become synonymous with being a nerd. Diesel’s sexuality has been heavily questioned over the years, but he has 3 kids with his longtime model girlfriend Paloma Jimenez, so he’s probably not that gay…but we can always hope.
Ashton Kutcher- Kutcher is certified Grade A in the looks department, but despite playing Kelso, the village idiot on “That 70’s Show”, he’s actually pretty smart in real life. While he still dabbles in acting, he has followed up his successful career on the big and small screen with a career in venture capitalism. He successfully invested in several high technology startups including Skype, Foursquare, Airbnb, Path and Fab.com. He is a co-founder of the venture capital firm A-Grade Investments.
James and Anthony- those two guys who got engaged in power ranger costumes- I will let their dorkiness speak for itself. Here is what James had to say “You guys know that Anthony and I never do anything mediocre, we always have to be over-the-top! So, with that said, he had to make sure that the next step in our lives was more than special, it had to more Morphinominal! Anthony got down on one knee, in his ranger suit to ask me to be his forever ranger! Today, we are announcement our engagement! I said yes! Rangers Together, Love Forever! #Love #RangersForever #LoveForever”
Bobak Ferdowsi- NASA’s hottest member of the JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab), Ferdowsi shot to overnight internet stardom when he was spotted by the camera when the Curiosity Mars rover was making it’s landing on the Red Planet in August of 2012. His Mohawk and dyed blond stars caught the attention of gay boys and many girls and even President Obama called him “Mohawk guy”. Ferdowsi is from Philly and is of Persian decent. He studied aerospace engineering at University of Washington and he spent three working at MIT before joining NASA’s JPL.

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