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A Message From Our Fund President & CEO David Jobin

LGBT Agencies in Broward County Impacted by Hurricane Irma

This is a critical time to for People Who Care to support Causes That Matter.

While many of us who suffered power outages and damage to our homes are finally experiencing normalcy again, the three non-profits mentioned below have been profoundly financially burdened by the hurricane and need donations at this time so that they can continue to do their good work as uninterruptedly as possible.  If you are able to do so, please help our friends at this time.

Our Fund Foundation Donor Advised Fundholders are invited to email Mark Blaylock at MBlaylock@Our-Fund.org to make a donation from your fund.

The Pride Center at Equality Park

Severe roof and air conditioning units set Pride Center back financially

Pride Center CEO Robert Boo reports estimates of the damage to Pride Center’s building at $100,000.  While insurance will cover some of the costs, Pride Center is asking for donations to help cover the unbudgeted $63,000 deductible.  As $30,000 has already been raised, a remaining $33,000 is sought so that Pride Center’s programming will not be negatively affected by the storm.

In the face of this adversity, The Pride Center was up and running as quickly as possible after the hurricane, partnering with the United Way as a donation collection site and to distribute bottled water from the facility.

Our community is well-served by the Pride Center and they need your help at this time. To make a donation, please visit Pride Center Hurricane Fund.

The Pet Project for Pets

Small but mighty Pet Project seeks funds to get back on its feet (paws)

Executive Director Sue Martino reports that The Pet Project’s warehouse suffered flooding destroying 6 pallets of cat food and litter and 3 pallets of dog food.  In addition, the building suffered damage and The Pet Project is incurring costs to remove trees and repair gutters and fences that do not fall within their insurance coverage.

The estimated total of inventory loss and building repairs is $9,200.

To support The Pet Project’s amazing programs that help to keep pets in the homes of seniors and those affected by illness, please donate to Pet Project’s Irma Relief Fund.

Broward House

Direct services offered to those affected by HIV/AIDS at risk due to Hurricane Irma

With its inventory of 15 properties dedicated to providing safety and supporting the well-being of its clients,the fiscal impact of damages suffered by Hurricane Irma is an unbudgeted expense not covered by grants. While estimates are currently being collected, CEO Stacy Hyde estimates the damages to be extensive enough to be a signficant draw away from the organizion’s lifesaving programs and services.

The expenses include replacing damaged doors, walls impacted by roof leaks, damaged air conditioners from surges and stocking the Assisted Living Facility with extra supplies.

To support the relief efforts of Broward House, please visit Broward House Recovery Fund.

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