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Q&A: BeWell Medspa Specialize in Functional Medicine

From the moment you walk into BeWell MedSpa you feel very Zen, from the beautiful paintings that are hung to the one of a kind plant wall behind the reception desk to the warm welcome you get when you walk through the doors. It’s as if you step in, and you immediately relax and all your problems slip away. Owners and life partners Oren and Michal, specialize in medical aesthetics and functional medicine applying the best in effective, innovative, and safe treatment modalities that have been proven to show great results. They work around the clock to ensure you receive attention, care, and dedication beyond expectations.

It was a pleasure to sit down with Oren for this exclusive Hotspots Interview:

What is your mission here at BeWell MedSpa?

To be the choice for clients who desire advanced medical aesthetic and functional medicine treatments and protocols. Confidence, beauty, and personal performance and vitality is our focus and bringing great results keeps us excited each and every day. We want to give our clients the look and youthful feeling they desire and customize solutions for each individual.

What services do you offer?

Aesthetics and functional medicine treatments are our core area of offerings. Ranging from Botox and dermal fillers that treat fine line, deeper wrinkles, sagging skin and hollowness in the cheek area are just a few of the services. Platelet-Rich Plasma treatments are a cornerstone of our medspa services as well, ranging from hair loss treatments, to skin rejuvenation and sexual enhancement. As well as microneedling that revitalizes skin to a beautiful glow and complexion and also treats acne scars.

We also offer Kybella for getting rid of a double-chin, a range of lip enhancing treatments, as well as body contouring and skin tightening, laser hair removal, facials and chemical peels. And, treatments with IPL (Intense Pulse Light) which are painless and very fast and remove brown spots, vascular lesions, and evens skin tone.

Functional medicine treatments include bioidentical hormones for testosterone therapy, micronutritional evaluations, allergy testing and DNA testing which dive much, much deeper than your customary blood panel and enable us to develop customized protocols to help with workouts, metabolism, and an array of your body’s functioning to ensure your body functions at  peak performance.

What made you and Michal open BeWell MedSpa?

We love to work with people. We love great results and we love the autonomy of entrepeunurship. For these reasons and so much more we opened BeWell MedSpa. With a background in healthcare administration and healthcare marketing, combined with Michal’s medical background we launched together BeWell MedSpa in 2016.

My partner Michal is a master injector, aesthetics artist and functional medicine expert, as she has been injecting since the age of 18 having been a medic in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Michal is a board certified Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner and has spent more than 20 years practicing medicine beginning with her service in the Israeli Defense Forces. Following her military service, Michal attended nursing school at the Hebrew University, Hadasa Hospital in Israel. Soon after, she moved to New York City and completed her Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner degree and a 2 year residency with New York University Medical.

Focusing the last 15 years in the areas of medical aesthetics, functional and integrative medicine, age management and pain she is able to apply a unique and wide range of expertise. Michal is experienced in an array of age management, aesthetic and regenerative medicine techniques providing her with a remarkable ability for comprehensive patient support. Michal’s hands-on experience, depth of expertise and proven results show her to be one of the best injector’s and a true medical aesthetic artist.

Michal loves to see every patient smile wider and brighter after receiving her specialized care and attention; and that is what drives her to be the very best.

At BeWell MedSpa we also have a team of medical aestheticians who perform facials, chemical peels, laser hair removal and body contouring treatments. And a spa manager whose role altogether are to ensure everyone’s expectations are always exceeded. Beginning with outstanding hospitality upon entrance from treatment to finishing, clients are offered an array of treats to enjoy while on-site and to take home.

Our amazing team has worked with individual clients and hosted corporate events at the medical spa and always strives for excellence and proven results.

How do you know make sure each client is getting what’s best for them?

Once scheduling an appointment, clients meet for a free consultation to discuss their goals and from that moment a customized treatment plan is developed with the clients. Induction and maintenance treatments are always planned to ensure desired goals are met and maintained; just like going to the gym it is important to follow-up and stay on your path to your goals — whether sporadic or more orthodox in your approach, we work with each client on an individual level.

We are also continuously training in order to provide our patients with the most current and effective treatments and credible information that will enable optimum care and results. From lectures, to conferences and new product training Michal and the team are always optimizing proven and predictable treatments, as well as incorporating cutting edge technologies. Michal is also invited to many master class courses within the profession that are exclusive and enable BeWell to truly exceed expectations with a high-level of craftsmanship.

What sets you apart from other Anti-Aging businesses?

With outstanding service, and good value pricing, we are committed to the ultimate luxury of concierge services by providing on-demand medical skincare experts for our patients age management needs in the Wilton Manors area of Fort Lauderdale. Make an appointment online, call or email and we will see you soon, when it’s most convenient for you, this is our service commitment.

Our very own Vice President, Peter Jackson, went there to partake in their services and when I asked him about his experience, he said:

“Any fear I had of getting Botox for the first time melted away when I opened the door to this beautiful space and was greeted by Oren, who put me at ease immediately. But it was the big hug from Michal and her warm personality that turned me into butter. She understood my issue and clearly explained the cosmetic options and solutions. We chose Botox to erase some lines in my forehead. Here’s the best part: Michal is a master injector; she is so skilled with injections that I honestly didn’t feel a thing. How she accomplishes that is something that demands phenomenal skill and experience. BeWell Med Spa has earned its reputation as one of the very best in  Wilton manors, Fort Lauderdale. I love this place!”

BeWell MedSpa is located in Wilton Manors at 1881 NE 26th St, Suite 40, and their hours of operation are Monday- Wednesday: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Thursday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.; Friday: 9 a.m.-2 p.m.; Saturday & Sunday: by appt. only

Call them now at 954-530-5203, or email them at hello@bewellmedspa.com or you can just walk-in to schedule your free consultation.

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