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Q&A: Dudes Barber Grand Opening

When I walked into Dudes Barber, it was unlike any other barbershop I had ever been in. What first got my attention was the Orange color and retro feel and then I focused in on the beautiful pool table.

I then met and sat down with Co-Owners and life partners Frank and Barry. F&B are coming up on their 20th anniversary and after talking with them for a few minutes it became obvious why. They clearly complement each other! As a matter of fact they basically spend all their time together, as they are both Flight Attendants for Jet Blue and only fly together.

I found out that some iconic Disco star will be at their opening, and asked Frank and Barry how they were able to get them all to be there, and I found out that Frank used to work for Disco 78, which was a TV show that came on right after Saturday Night Live. He had been out of that business for many years when he reconnected with Cynthia Manley (Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”) on facebook, and started helping her get gigs. She then recommended Frank to a few of her “Disco Era” friends and Frank had a new business….Disco-Stars.com.

What made you guys decide to open Dudes Barber?

Frank said: “A friend of ours is a barber and after Mojos closed he was looking for a place to work, and couldn’t find anything similar. After a short while chatting, we decided this would be a good business venture for us. Well, I had to convince Barry, but it didn’t take a lot for him to buy into this great idea. As a matter of fact, once we decided to open the business, it only took one month to open the doors.”

What made you open a barbershop?

Barry said: “Our intensions are to provide the community with a new concept in Barber Shops, and provide a place where people can come and relax, wind down, meet others and get a great haircut at a very reasonable price. It’s a home, it’s a hang out, and it’s a place where you can shoot a game of pool, enjoy a cold beverage, listen to music and chat with others.  A place where we always try and make everyone feel welcome.”

What are some of the extras you get at Dudes Barber?

According to the manager JT, who has been in the business for 25 years, but only looks 35: “In addition to a fun atmosphere and incredibly attentive and friendly hair stylists, we offer a Pool Table, WiFi, a charging station and beverages that are all free.”

What kind of events we can expect at Dudes Barber?

Frank said: “We look forward to hosting special events from time to time with many of our friends in the music industry. We will start with our Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday, August 4th from 5pm-8pm. Our special friends, Joy and Rob from LIME, Susan, Siddy and Dalia from COMPANY B and MarLa also known as freestyle artist GIGGLES will be in the house performing for us all. The evening will also be hosted by Nikki Adams with music by VJ Barry Browder! We invite you to stop by the shop any time to meet our barbers, see the place, get a haircut or shave and make new friends”

Grand Opening is Saturday, August 4

Dudes Barbershop (2039 Wilton Drive) is open 7 days a week:

Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm

Mondays – Saturdays from 8 am to 7 pm.

For more information call them at 954-440-4191 or visit their website at: DudesBarber.com.

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