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Q&A: Nicole Halliwell Talks ‘Hocus Pocus’ Live on Stage

The movie we all love this time of year, Hocus Pocus, is brought to life “Live on Stage” throughout Florida in October! Celebrating 5 years of this magical stage spectacle, I sat down with drag entertainer Nicole Halliwell, the show’s creator to discuss her cast, the tour, and why 25 years later, people still love Hocus Pocus.

What inspired you to produce Hocus Pocus Live?

Like pretty much everyone on the planet who loves Halloween, I am OBSESSED with this movie, it’s my #1 go-to for the entire season. I have a deep love of doing productions and theater shows – so I just had to do a tribute to such an iconic film! 

It looks like you’ve chosen your cast very carefully.

Yes! I’ve been extremely lucky to know and work with these absolutely phenomenal people who put 110% into everything they do. Our show stars some incredible entertainers including Calypso Monroe, Nicky Monet, Walter Washburn, Kendall Carassco, Nicole Saphire, and Ava Monet. Wait till you see how much they look and act like the movie characters!

Tell me about last year.

Oh my god – amazing! We sold out all of our shows in minutes!  Words cannot express how amazing all the love we received was. We finally broke ground in Orlando for 2017 thanks to the amazing people at Southern Nights and the lines were down the block… and we’re back to do it again this year!

What should we look forward to in your 2018 shows?

As this is our 5th anniversary – we’re proudly debuting an all-new extended show with new scenes, new effects, and so much more! 

I heard you’ve been acknowledged by some of the actors in the film?

YES! Kathy Najimy (Mary Sanderson) and Doug Jones (Billy Butcherson) have shown us love via social media, praising the show and our characters. That was mind-blowing for us. Growing up watching this movie and having the actors appreciate your portrayal of them left us speechless!

Why do people love this movie so much?

Even after 25 years, it’s so synonymous with Halloween. Something about the magic of Bette, Kathy, and Sarah as a trio, and how well the story was cast and told like only Disney can. I can watch it 500 times and I’ll never get tired of it. It makes me happy to see so many new generations getting to experience and love this movie the way I do. A tradition for decades to come!

Where can we see Hocus Pocus Live on Stage?

We have 7 shows across 4 cities – Tampa (10/26), Orlando (10/27), West Palm Beach (10/30), and Fort Lauderdale (10/31)! All of the tour dates and information is available on our website! Check it out!

Catch the 23-minute live action version of Hocus Pocus for their Season Finale Wednesday, October 31st at 10PM (Free season finale show – no cover.) inside Southern Nights Fort Lauderdale – or visit the official website for more tour dates, tickets, and information at www.hocuspocuslive.net. Celebrity impersonators tribute show. No affiliation with the Walt Disney Company.

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