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Tampa Pride 2019

It’s that time of year where everyone in Tampa is once again getting excited about Pride, which this year takes place on Saturday, March 30 in Gaybor! From 10am to 5pm.  

At 9:45am will be the official opening ceremony for Pride with the Tampa Bay Pride Band performing, and then the festival expo (HCC Ybor Parking Lot – 8th Ave and 15th street) is open and includes: Artisan Fair, Food Truck Alley and a Health and Wellness fair, as well as over 100 vendors.

At this time they will introduce Mayor Bob Buckhorn, the newly elected Tampa mayor, the Board of Directors of Pride and the Grand Marshals: Amy Demilo, James Encke, Nick Staszak & Tyler John, Ja’staria Infiniti, Tampa Bay Pride Band and Pat Frank.

At 1pm they will present the Tampa Pride Diversity Parade on 7th Ave starting from Nuccio & 20th, and for anyone who has been to the Tampa Pride Parade before, you know its amazing.

I reached out to a few of the Grand Marshals to ask them what Pride means to them, and here is what they said:

Amy Demilo

Pride to me is walking out of my house, into the world with my head held high, accepting my differences as well as embracing others. Being Happy with myself and my choices in life, while respecting others for their choices and beliefs!

Tyler Reed and Nick Staszak

Pride is being unafraid to express your love for your life partner in a public setting. Pride is surrounding yourself with a community of whoever brings joy to your life, regardless of their sex, race, or sexual orientation. Pride is about loving humans as humans and understanding that we ALL are created equal. But most importantly, pride is unapologetically being your true authentic self and loving every second of it. And in the great words of Mama Rupaul herself, “If you cant love yourself, HOW IN THE THE HELL you gonna love somebody else? Can I get anamen?!”

Ja’staria Infiniti

The idea of Love and Hope for an equal opportunity to express it, live it and truly be free in who you are and where you are in life. It gives a sense of freedom to dwell in the abundance of joy, laughter and peace of mind, so when I think of Pride I know that it’s the only thing to hold onto in a world filled with doubt.

David Triplett-Rosa, Artistic Director of Tampa Bay Pride Band

Pride means to be empowered, unifying communities together and inspire! We here at Tampa Bay Pride Band are empowered by pride, united by community, inspired by music, and celebrate diversity through music. 

For more information on Tampa Pride, go to: TampaPride.org.

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