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‘The Prom’ Dances Over to Netflix, ‘Red Sonja’ Gets Director

The Prom, the adorable queer teen Broadway show that makes audiences cheer and cry, is coming to Netflix. It’s about time, really: streaming theater makes a lot of sense for audiences who’ll never get a chance to visit New York or be able to afford the steep ticket price of most shows, and for those who can it’s a great lure to see it in person. The real reason this is happening, though, is because the Tony-nominated musical didn’t win any, and without those to boost post-award-show box office, musicals tend to close unless they’re, you know, Beetlejuice. Therefore, on the show’s final night, August 11, anyone with a Netflix account will get to see it before it begins its inevitable tour or medium-sized cities.

Now, in case you’re unaware, The Prom is about two high school girls in a small town who want to go to prom together as a couple, and their battle against bigotry involves a lot of singing and dancing. And now every small town Broadway diva will get a chance to enjoy it, too.

You can probably thank Wonder Woman for the renewed interest in rebooting Red Sonja, the 1985 Brigitte Nielsen/Arnold Schwarzenegger action flop-turned-cult-film. And now that Bryan Singer’s involvement in the project has been terminated (or is that cancelled?) it was the perfect opportunity for Millennium Films to cast a vote of confidence in a female writer-director. This is, of course, what happened when they chose Transparent creator Jill Soloway as the person to run the show. There’s no doubt there will be an aura of queer energy coming off of this production, so suddenly we’re interested in yet another superhero movie. Casting will ramp up to find a woman to play Red Sonja – the comic book heroine of the 1970s whose stories have continued to this day – and though we have no idea who it should be, we will be on Twitter loudly complaining about any choice that isn’t Beyonce or Gaga. That’s how it works now.

Romeo San Vicente loves his Female Super Heroes! 

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