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Julianne Moore is a ‘Mothertrucker,’ New ‘Matrix’ Movie on the Way

Photo: Denis Makarenko

If you saw Julianne Moore’s appearance with Billy Eichner on his show Billy on The Street, you’ll recall him saying, “For a dollar she’ll do something understated!” And that is how the movie going public generally thinks of the Academy Award-winning actress. But we also know she has range, and it’ll probably come in handy when she stars in the upcoming Jill Soloway (Transparent) film Mothertrucker. Moore will play Instagram-famous personality Joy “Mothertrucker,” America’s lone female ice road big rig trucker. Joy is also the subject of Amy Butcher’s memoir of the same name, about the relationship formed between them when Butcher went to Alaska to ride along on a dangerous drive. The book will be published by Amazon in early 2022, probably around the same time as the film’s release. Meanwhile, the role of Amy is still in the casting process, but expect one of the current crop of young A-listers to attach herself soon.

Neo and Trinity! The red pills that those unpleasant internet dudes keep going on and on about (incorrectly)! Very cool outfits of the cyberfuture! It’s all coming back around again with a fourth Matrix installment, officially a go at Warner Bros. Lana Wachowski will direct and is co-writing the film alongside Aleksandar Hemon (Sense8) and David Mitchell (Cloud Atlas). Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss are also back on board. Now, we have no idea what it will be about because the Wachowskis are legendarily quiet about content until it’s ready to be seen. And really, who needs spoilers? We’ve watched the growth and flowering of Wachowski World from the time of Bound, through Speed Racer, and up to the unfairly maligned – and also quite extravagantly weird and wild – Jupiter Ascending and the fact is that we are here for every new twist and turn in the spaced out journey. At the moment, Lilly Wachowski seems to have no involvement in this, but we assume she’s going to be hovering around doing… something? Cameras roll in 2020, so you’ll probably get to re-enter the Matrix sometime in 2021.

Romeo San Vicente is ready to jump into the Matrix! 

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