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Fall’s Top Five Fashion Trends for Men

Thank God Fall has arrived. Even though our Florida weather doesn’t change dramatically, I had to check out this season’s shows to see what could apply to us Floridians—or those of us who travel to colder climates. Luckily we don’t have to buy or change our wardrobe completely, but a couple of new trend pieces will have you looking fresh this season.

What’s the big news of the Fall ’19 runway shows? Men’s shows FINALLY rivaled the women’s in terms of excitement, innovation and artistry. When it comes to what’s in, as much as I would like to make it simple and say BROWN IS THE NEW BLACK, I can’t as designers came in with a vengeance.  

Here are my Top 5 takeaways:  

Think PINK 

Although fall is usually associated with deeper, rich hues, the signature shade of this fall season is PINK! Consider wearing pops of pink. This shade ruled pretty much all shows like Boss, Kenzo, Ami, and Acne Studios. Don’t be intimidated because real men wear pink!  

A Leopard Can Change Its Spots

For the average man, animal prints in general are a big no-nobut when done right they can be modern, versatile, and a bit more interesting than a floral or a camouflage. Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, and Dior featured leopard on the catwalks and I’m living for it! 

‘Murses’ are the hot new accessory for men

Designers ran with the idea of the tiny bag taken from women’s fashion this season: No need to be EXTRA, just carry only the bare-necessities in cross-body satchels, fanny packs, the neck bag, or a teeny-tiny bag worn around the neck! Driver’s License, Credit/ATM card, phone? We got you!

Designers like KENZO, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes are embracing the man bag movement. Men Want to Wear Purses, They Just Don’t Know It Yet!

Acid Trip 

This look used to be dead as a doornail, but tie-dye is having a comeback.

I’m still not quite sold on this one, but it was all over the shows this season. Tie-dye has officially been elevated to high-fashion status—and it’s already pervading your favorite designers like Dsquared2, Issey Miyake, and Comme des Garçons

 It’s a wrap!

There is nothing sexier than a man wearing a scarf. As a matter of fact, I could move to Florence RIGHT NOW because every man wears one. I know, I know, we are in Florida, but light silk and cotton scarves can easily be worn here. Fendi and Burberry have designed their own versions but you can check my Marrero Collection scarves (shameless plug). A scarf on a man is the exclamation point to a perfect look!

Thankfully, this season designers gave us several trends to keep us looking sleek.

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