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Q&A: Central Florida Entertainer Brandon Parsons

It’s always nice to sit down with Florida talent, and this time was especially nice because Brandon Parsons is a well-known singer/songwriter/musician who has traveled the world with his music. He has been on National TV, worked at Universal Studios, Howl at The Moon, many Cruise lines as a featured artist, including Carnival and Norwegian, and Disney just to name a few. It was a pleasure to get to know him as a friend a little better! 

Were you always an entertainer even as a child or when did it begin?

I am all self-taught. I taught myself how to play piano at 12 years old and then I started singing shortly after that because I grew up in a very musical family. From there I started working in Coffee shops, bars, and events. 

What was your first professional role?

Probably when I was around 20 years old I sang at a corporate event. They paid me $100 to sing at their event, and at the time I remember thinking that was a lot of money for singing a few songs. Little did I know I would be traveling the world a few years later performing for a living! 

When did you know entertaining would be your career?

Growing up I always thought that music would be a hobby as I wouldn’t be able to pay my bills from it. However, when I got into Dueling Pianos a few years back in Baltimore Maryland, and it paid so well, I thought to myself maybe I can do what I love and make money from it. 

What has been your favorite gig so far?

That is such a hard question because there have been amazing ones, but a very special one that sticks out to me was when I opened for the opening game for the NBA team “Orlando Magics” in the Amway center. I sang the song I wrote 2 years prior in memory of the Pulse victims “Forty-Nine Times.” It was unbelievable to sing a song written as an anthem for the gay community in a sports arena. 

What is your fantasy gig?

Opening for someone like Kelly Clarkson and go on tour with her. 

Speaking of Kelly Clarkson, you were on American Idol Season 10, how was that experience?

It was eye opening on how reality television works. Behind the scenes was nothing like you see on TV. I met some lasting relationships that I still keep in touch with today. I am happy I did it, but I wouldn’t do it again. 

You are also proficient in many instruments and have done a lot of Dueling Piano shows…tell me about that?

I play piano, drums, bass, and guitar. Dueling pianos is my main source of income and I travel around Florida doing corporate events, opening for bands, weddings, etc. Dueling is very unique as its all audience participation based. They request what they want us to play and we play it on the spot. Sometimes, they pick a song we don’t know and we have to fake it, so we are on our toes all the time. I love the rush and excitement! 

You have opened for many entertainers; do you have a favorite or a favorite story?

I opened for Jennifer Hudson at Pittsburg pride, and she is amazing and a great vocalist. They wouldn’t let anyone approach the stage during sound check, which was a little odd. However, I met her back stage and she was very nice. 

So what does the future hold for you?

I would love to travel more and experience different cultures. I always find it interesting to see the effect music has on people everywhere I go. I am also working on an original album which should be available the end of this year. 

As a fun twist, you are actually dating one of my friends, Marshall Welch, who owns and promotes the Miss Heart of Florida Pageant. How did you meet and what makes him the perfect guy for you?

We met through friends and hit it off. On our first date we went to Disney world, and it was Disney magic.  I think that we mesh perfectly as I am more of the spur of the moment guy and he is more logical so we balance each other out very well. 

What’s the best thing Marshall has ever done for you?

Besides loving me unconditionally, we went to go see Will and Grace and he had been talking to Sean Hayes Husband, Scott, and we got a chance to go back stage and meet the cast. I am a super fan of Sean Hayes who ran up to me and said “I love your voice, I am a huge fan.” It was one of the coolest moments of my life. 

For more information or for booking Brandon for your event you can email here:

Contact@Brandonparsons.com or you can check him out on Social Media:

Instagram: @BrandonParsonsofficial

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