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The Great American Paint In

Show your Art! 

Around the world, individuals and families are facing isolation due to COVID-19. Because of this global health crisis, the world has changed, from how we work every day to how we connect with loved ones. It is a moment in history. 

The Great American Paint In aims to capture this moment for posterity in a unique way—through art. The organizers are inviting artists around the U.S. to apply to be part of the juried project. 

The Great American Paint In strives to allow America’s great artists to convey their experience during the pandemic through their work. Art can be any form, medium or size—it just must convey the emotions and viewpoints of the artists from their corner of the world during this experience. 

The works will be collected on Thegreatpaint-in.com and made available to collectors, other artists and the community at large. Organizers hope to create a tabletop book as a record when the project is complete. 

The Great American Paint In is the project of Bill and Mary Weinaug, art collectors and owners of a riverside oasis in Florida called Wekiva Island. They also run a “paint out” event for artists and own a gallery, Gallery CERO. 

“We are living history right now,” Bill Weinaug said. “I believe we need to do more to document this unique moment in America, and who better to convey the emotions we’re all feeling than the country’s great artists? In 50 years, art history classes will pull this book off the shelf and feel the emotions and passion of this time.”

To submit an application, artists should visit Thegreatpaint-in.com/submissions and fill out a form. A panel of judges will review each application. Those selected will be sent an invitation and can submit one piece plus a written story to be part of the project. 

For more information, visit the website at Thegreatpaint-in.com, or follow the project on social media on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

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