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4 Items I Recommend On Labor Day Weekend

4 Items I recommend 

You Try On Labor Day Weekend! 

Nordgreen’s Men’s Watches – Nordgreen.com – Starting at $169       

In 2017, Nordgreen’s partners Pascar Sivam and Vasilij Brandt built a brand that is actionable toward sustainable practices while creating an aesthetically pleasing, and functional collection of designer timepieces. Nordgreen envisioned its collection with award-winning Chief Designer Jakob Wagner, who earned his acclaim by designing for Bang & Olufsen, Hay, B&B Italia, and Cappellini for starters. Nordgreen is a typical Danish surname, combined from two words – ‘Nord’ and ‘Green.’ The “Nord” is characteristic of their Nordic identity. The “Green” embodies their commitment to our environment.

Nordgreen aligns its CSR initiatives through its ‘Giving Back Program’ to Nordic principles supporting the health, educational, and environmental challenges faced by our global community. Their brand represents a collection that embraces its simple purpose and aesthetic appeal, and a deep-rooted responsibility to give back.

Ogden’s Own Five Husbands Vodka750ml, $31.49 – 

Five Husbands Vodka, made from Utah mountain spring water, is a 100% distilled corn spirit and gluten-free. It is distilled in a stainless steel column still and diluted to 40% (80 proof). The spring, hidden in beautiful Ogden Canyon is inaccessible by vehicle so the water is hiked out five gallons at a time.

Shirts off, masks on, Ogden’s Own Five Husbands Vodka is the ideal date for a stay-at-home PRIDE celebration all year long. Or rather, the ideal dates – the more the merrier, right? Ogden’s Own released a new version of their label with team members adorning colorful face masks and they will continue to support the LGBTQ+ community by sponsoring Utah PRIDE in September.

Put on your favorite playlist, throw on that boa, and pour a Five Husbands DIY cocktail as we celebrate together from afar. Don’t forget the glitter – and add some to your drink, too!   

LET’S BRUNCH: 100 Recipes for the Best Meal of the Week – Amazon.com – Hardcover/ $24.99

Be it brunch à deux, a brunch buffet, or a group of friends hanging out on the patio eating frittatas and drinking Bellini’s, it is a concept that is here to stay! Lend a little Southern hospitality to your brunch menu with Chef Belinda’s flavor-packed recipes for breakfast and brunch, including front porch-worthy libations.

“In my opinion, brunch is the most creative meal because there are no rules—as menu offerings can range from a full array of breakfast items to steak and potatoes and everything in between,” Chef Belinda states.  

This cookbook is divided up into chapters that focus on starters, soups, and salads; eggs dishes; casseroles; breakfast meats; pastas; grits; sandwiches; breads; jams and syrups; desserts; and beverages that include hot drinks, juices, and alcohol libations. 

CraftStirs Premium Powdered All-Natural Cocktail MixersCraftStirs.com – $9.99 (8 servings)

Born from a desire to innovate, while keeping true to authenticity and flavor, CraftStirs worked with top mixologists to create a line of powdered mixers designed to match cocktails sold behind the bar. CraftStirs cocktail mixers are made with all-natural ingredients like pure cane sugar and real fruit essences. Each sachet is only 50 calories, currently made in three delicious flavors:  Tropical Margarita – A grapefruit forward cocktail bursting with tart lemon and lime and finds a balance with earthy tequila and a lick of salt; Melon Cooler – A summery blend of crisp cucumber, watermelon, and part citrus and sweet basil. Pair with your favorite vodka for an unforgettable cocktail, and Pomegranate Mojito – A spin off of one of Cuba’s classic cocktails showcasing fragrant mint, ruby pomegranate, juicy lime, and accompanied by rum, rum, rum.

CraftStirs is taking the convenience in at-home or on-the-go craft cocktail making one step further with these three new all-natural, low calorie powdered mixers that help you make a delicious cocktail in three easy steps by mixing together water, your favorite spirit, and CraftStirs Cocktail Mix

Each sachet makes a single ready-to-drink cocktail, but you can get creative and batch your cocktails, add extra ingredients, experiment with sparkling water and non-alcoholic cocktails when the mood calls for it. 

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