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Full Exposure Catching Up with the Men of CiNava

Full Exposure

Catching Up with the Men of CiNava, One of Fashion’s Hottest Photography Duo

By Shane Gallagher


Angel Cintron and Steve Nava of CiNava, one of fashion’s hottest photographer duos, created their brand with the shared goal to leave behind clinical and technical work for a life of creativity and self-expression.


“Angel taught me the technical aspects of the camera, from lighting to concept and composition,” Nava says.   “Photography allows me to exercise a creative side that remained dormant in my life for way too long.”


The work and life partners have become known for crafting highly produced editorial images that are creative, edgy, artistic, fresh, and often drawn from their own environment.  “We notice everything around us,” Nava explains.  “People, locations, lighting, colors, wardrobe… We combine them all to develop a story that is told within a single image.” 


“The perfect image should capture the attention of the viewer for at least three to five seconds,” Cintron adds. “That is when we know it has made an impact.”


CiNava’s work has appeared in many fashion and style books including MOD, HUF Magazine, L’Officiel AU, and Cool America Magazines.   Their most recent celebrity shoots include WWE Superstar diva Lae Van Dale, influencer Mimi G Style, television actress Tia Carrera and movie actress Natalie Ganzhorn.


“One of the things we love most about fashion photography is being able to collaborate with skilled professionals,” Cintron says.  “Designers, make-up artists, creative directors, models, and even other photographers like our mentor, Mike Ruiz. It’s inspiring to feed off of one another’s creative juices and explore the sexy, raw and edgy side of fashion together.”


They feel their openness to collaboration, especially with well-known creative names within the industry, has stretched their skills, increased their confidence and advanced their profiles exponentially.  Their goal for the coming year is to use their platform to raise awareness for Equality Federation, an organization working to amplify the power of the state-based LGBTQ movement.


Visit http://cinavaphotography.com 

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