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Eating Habits to Avoid

Eating Habits to Avoid


With Halloween and the Holidays lurking around the corner, it’s time to review your eating habits so that you’ll stay lean and fit in spite of the seasonal temptations that abound. Maintaining certain habits will keep you on track with your fitness goals while falling into other pitfalls will cause you to gain loads of pounds, frustration, and unhappiness.


Firstly, remember that eating a healthy breakfast rich in calcium, complex carbohydrates, and fiber will set the tone for your meals throughout the day. By regularly eating fruit and whole grain products soon after you get up, you will have more energy, store less fat and be less tempted to overeat at lunch and supper later in the day.


Secondly, good nutrition like every other essential habit or event in life requires planning and at least a little work. Plan your meals, think about what you need to eat rather than what is convenient or what you’re craving at the moment. Take time to read labels. Start a food diary if necessary. Once you’re conscious of what you are eating and how your body responds to your food choices you can exert control. 


Thirdly, just because you’ve been good all week and maintained a great diet doesn’t entitle you to blow it all on weekend splurges. Researchers report that some people consume an extra 500 calories a day on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays causing a weight gain of 5-10 pounds a year! Most of these extra calories come from weekend boozing and eating out. Stay home, stay sober, and get your ass to the gym this next weekend and be amazed at how good you’ll look and feel.


Fourthly, remember how when you were young you could eat cheeseburgers and fries and never gain an ounce? Well face it, you are older now and slowing down. Yes, your metabolism is not what it used to be. Recognize that you are not invincible and that fatty, processed, sugary, fast foods are not only lethal for your figure, they also cause diabetes, obesity and heart disease at an alarming rate. Boost your metabolism by consuming smaller, high protein meals and snacks more frequently throughout the day, say every 2-3 hours. Curb mindless eating, and never snack before going to bed at night!


Finally, just because your day is loaded with meetings, deadlines, and noisy demanding stimuli doesn’t mean you have to skip meals or hit the vending machines for quickie snacks or junk food. Evaluate your schedule, take control of your time, and make time to fit healthy food choices into your routine, or your health and waistline will suffer. Keep nutritious protein bars, small sacks of nuts or low- fat granola, fresh fruit and other healthy goodies handy and treat yourself often


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