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‘MK Ultra’ Co-Stars Jen Richards in CIA Drug Drama

Did you know that in the 1950s and ’60s the CIA engaged in a program called Project MKUltra and it was designed to develop interrogation techniques with LSD, brainwashing and psychological torture and that they used human subjects? Well, it’s yet another slice of American history they don’t teach you in school and now there’s going to be a movie about it. It’s called “MK Ultra,” from writer-director Joseph Sorrentino (the documentary “Coyote”) and it stars Anson Mount (“Star Trek: Discovery”) as a psychiatrist whose professional and ethical boundaries are tested when he becomes involved in the project. Jason Patric and Jaime Ray Newman (“Little Fires Everywhere”) co-star, as does one of our favorite ascendant trans actors/filmmakers, Jen Richards, who’s appeared in “Clarice,” “Mrs. Fletcher,” “Tales of the City,” and is an Emmy nominee for “Her Story.” Already in post-production, with an expected release of late December, look for it to take you on a bad trip this holiday season.

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