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Halle Berry Fights The Moon for Roland Emmerich

In the future when historical revisionists try to tell you that queer filmmakers made queer films, you will remember this cultural moment and remind them that no, in fact, all queer filmmakers did not, and that in further point of fact, some queer filmmakers made movies about Halle Berry battling the Moon. That’s what happens in the forthcoming Roland Emmerich sci-fi adventure movie “Moonfall,” in case you were wondering. And it’s going to be amazing, we can already tell. The plot involves the Moon deciding to simply fall out of space and crash into Earth, potentially causing a fairly large mess unless a daring astronaut played by Halle Berry can stop the Moon on its deadly mission. She will need to enlist the help of fellow astronaut Patrick Wilson and a conspiracy theorist (John Bradley from “Game of Thrones”) to really properly kick the Moon’s ass, but you know she’s going to win. In 2022 when this film arrives on the biggest, loudest, dopiest screen near you, be prepared to cheer on Captain Berry. Or maybe you’ll choose chaos and root for the Moon. We’re not here to tell you what to do.

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