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A Breath of Not-So-Fresh Air

Dear Andreus,

There is a guy that I have been interested in for quite some time. We always exchange glances when I see him out and about, and finally we spoke and hit it off. There is one big issue though…his teeth. Although he is absolutely stunning, a couple of his teeth look a bit rotten, and I think it accounts for the weird smell that he tends to have on his breath. I really like him, but I don’t know how to say something about it. It interferes with my desire to be intimate with him, because I am reluctant to kiss him. What do I do?


Jake S.

Dear Jake,

This is a very delicate area. It is not easy to point out to someone that there is an issue such as that, even if they are aware of it. Your delivery can bruise his self-esteem. You could always indirectly suggest a dental trip, by bringing up your own dental appointment.  Clearly, he needs some care if there is a smell and/or rotting teeth. These types of things can also cause a variety of other health issues. You could also make an appointment to the dentist, and have him accompany you, or be your ride to and from the dentist to sort of drop a hint. You can also do your brushing and flossing routines when he is around. These may all be ways of getting the point across without being abrasive or hurtful.

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