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Byron Jamal’s ‘How To Heal A Hoe’ Tackles Sexual Stigma

Byron Jamal, the Love Guru

Byron Jamal, the Love Guru, describes How To Heal a Hoe as A Loving Self-Healing Approach to Sexual Stigma, Shame and Trauma.

“Sex is natural and an integral part of adult life,” says Byron Jamal, the former pastor turned Love Guru. “However, despite sharing it with lovers, partners, and even strangers, many of us feel uncomfortable discussing sex.”

When Mr. Jamal recognized how his own sexual hang-ups were harming people around him and himself, he decided to dig deeper into its source.   He confronted his sexual shame, the trauma from his past, and the stigma he was carrying, and decided to abandon conventional views on sex and sexuality and develop his own approach to sex.

In How To Heal A Hoe, the Love Guru combines the spiritual principles he preached as a pastor with the practical everyday techniques he uses today in his practice as a Love Guru.  He coaches men and women — single, married, and of all sexual orientations — on how to overcome their perceived “hoe-ness.”

Programs that focus on sexual trauma healing can be exhausting and expensive. The Love Guru makes the process easier and even fun. In How To Heal A Hoe, readers learn to unlock the self-healing powers they didn’t know they had. Some of the topics include:

  • Overcoming the stigma, shame and trauma of one’s past.
  • Expanding the range of one’s emotional intimacy.
  • Owning one’s journey through a self-healing approach.
  • Transforming oneself into their best version.
  • Ditching destructive sexual traits.

After completing Byron Jamal’s How To Heal A Hoe, readers will be able to identify their sexual vulnerabilities, pain points and find their own path to healing.  They will learn to love themselves, their bodies and their passions, as they are as God created them to be.   “Loving your inner hoe is the key to a healthy sexual love journey,” says the Love Guru.

Byron Jamal is the founder of the Extraordinary Love Academy and Beloved Community, which serves thousands of diverse men and women through live seminars and digital programs. As a bisexual love healer, Byron is able to aid all types of people regardless of their sexual orientation. He also serves as a love coach for singles and couples. He splits his time between teaching love and spiritual practices and spending time with friends and family.

Byron Jamal’s How To Heal A Hoe is available on Amazon. For more information on Byron, go to: byronjamal.com or on Social Media: @byronjamal.

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