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‘They/Them’ Slashes its Way to Peacock

Last year we shared the news of an untitled queer horror movie on the horizon from Blumhouse, one starring up-and-coming non-binary actor Theo Germaine (“The Politician”). Now it has a title and a fleshed-out roster of co-stars. Set in an ex-gay conversion therapy camp, “They/Them” (say the slash symbol out loud, it’s fun!) follows the horrific goings on at a remote location designed to harm young people and, we assume, how those would-be victims turn the tables. It’s gay screenwriter John Logan’s (“Gladiator”) directorial bow, the cast now includes Anna Chlumsky, Carrie Preston and O.G. “Friday the 13th” star Kevin Bacon. We’re very ready for the kind of revenge-slasher we’ve always dreamed of whenever the subject of ex-gay therapy rears its ugly head, so when it drips blood all over streaming service Peacock on Aug. 5, we’ll be there to enjoy the mayhem.

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