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Derek Shaw is Helix Studio’s Next ‘Top’ Model

Derek Shaw was working at a fast-food restaurant in Orlando, Florida when he decided to take a chance and apply to Helix Studios.   Three weeks later, he landed a role as a cabin caretaker in the Helix series Unromantic Getaway and was flown to Utah for his first ever gay adult shoot!  Since then, he has appeared in several films including Shower Secrets and Beefcake and the Boy.   Derek’s 21, a full-time medical assistant, and he loves to work out.  He lost his virginity with a guy at 18 but says he considers himself bisexual because occasionally, he will crush on women.  We spoke with Helix’s ‘top’ model from his home in Orlando.

You talk about finding love on your socials, but are you really ready to find love?

I’m ready for love, but is love ready for me? Most mortal men fail to meet my exceedingly high standards.

Would you date another adult film star?  

Maybe, but I’m an absurdly jealous lover.  I typically go for well-established tight-laced military men, but I’ll make an exception if he resembles Cameron Alborzoan.

What gave you the courage to pursue an adult film career?

No courage, whatsoever. I was just bored working in fast-food.

How did you choose Helix?

I took a look at some other studios.  I decided on Helix because I didn’t want to risk being the smallest in stature. 

Who are your closest friends at Helix?

I love Garrett Kinsley. I call him my Garrett carrot. Also, Aiden, cause he’s so cute, I’m obsessed. And Asher, because I think he’s juicy.

The guys at Helix all seem so close. Does it ever get weird having sex with your friends?

Having friends in general is weird. In between sets, to keep it off my mind, I watch Minecraft Speedbuilds or I dance around a summoning circle with Garrett.

What is something your fans would be surprised to learn about you?

I’m actually four raccoons in a trench coat.

You have been open about your gynecomastia. Can you explain what that is?

Gynecomastia is when men have a fatty growth right behind their nipples, almost like a woman’s breast. It’s typically caused by a hormone imbalance. I developed gynecomastia around the time when puberty hit full swing.  

How did it affect your self-esteem as a child?

My classmates would often mock me with cruel comments like “you should get a bra” or call me “bitch tits.” Then they would call me a crybaby for getting upset. What truly broke me is when an adult I trusted flicked my nipples and laughed. It took all my willpower to not cry. At 13, I started wearing thick shirts and hoodies, even in the heat of Floridian summers. I tried binding my chest with tape. I couldn’t take the daily bullying. I used to cry myself to sleep while I gave myself bruises trying to crush my chest in.

That’s awful!

Doctors kept telling me my breasts would go away if I lost weight. At around 14, I decided it was time to do something about my body. I began by taking a soccer ball and kicking it up and down a steep hill. I timed myself until I was bright red, dizzy, and covered in grass.  It didn’t help much.  For my 15th birthday, I got a bench set from my parents and used it every single day and started to see improvements.  I was on an adrenaline high.  I finally felt happy with who I was becoming.

How important is fitness to you today?

It is everything! The gym is my sanctuary and where I go to get away from it all.

What is your typical fitness routine?

I work out for two hours every day. I’ll sometimes give myself a break day or two, but I’m always itching to get back.

Do you follow a strict diet?

I am a slave to my diet.  Seldom do I let myself enjoy ice cream or eat a stack of pancakes. I love eating salmon, mangos, and coconuts.  Real tropical vibes! Salads are cool, too, I guess.

What do you love most about your body today?  Do you have a favorite part? 

My favorite part of my body are my fists. I consider myself a fighter. If I die, just know I went down swinging.

Is it true that you ended up in the ER recently?  

Yes, I was having difficulty breathing, even when I laid down in bed. My chest was aching in pain as if I was being squeezed. I kept getting lightheaded and falling down. I swear it felt like a heart attack.  Turns out it was a panic attack! I wasn’t even feeling panicked the moment it occurred, just stressed, then boom!  I thought I was gonna die.

Are you working to keep your stress down?

For sure!  I’ve been giving myself lots of rest and relaxation.  I’m also planning to travel more!  I’m planning trips to Oslo, London, Nice, Copenhagen, and maybe Paris… not sure, Paris sounds scary.

Will you be performing at any clubs or making special appearances in London or in any cities?

No… wait, how do I do that?

What are your goals for the future?

Nothing, really. I could die tomorrow or in 100 years. I just want to have fun and, you know, annoy people.

For more information, visit: Helixstudios.com.

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