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My Bisexual Boyfriend Has a Secret Girlfriend

Dear Andreus,

I have been dating a guy for six months now, which for me is a record. He always comes to my house because he says that my place is more comfortable. Well, I decided to surprise him, and show up at his house, with dinner and some wine. To my surprise, a woman came to the door and after a brief exchange, introduced herself as his live-in girlfriend. She told me that she was aware that he had a boyfriend, and because they are both bisexual, she was okay with it. I feel like a fool. He never once told me that he was bisexual or that he had a girlfriend. I also think that it is unfair that she knew of me, but I was not given the respect or common courtesy to be informed of the same. My dilemma now, is whether to stay with him or not. I am not good at sharing.


Danny K.

Dear Danny,

Not to add salt to the wound, but apparently you are good at sharing, you’ve been doing it for six months already. However, I do agree that this information should have been communicated to you from the beginning. The question you have to ask yourself now is – How invested are you? Can you now keep going on in this relationship, with this new information? And does this cause you to have trust issues? At the very least, there needs to be a conversation about this, and also about communication and transparency if you should decide to remain.

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