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I Caught My Boyfriend Making Out with Another Guy

Dear Andreus,

Usually, my boyfriend and I go barhopping together, unless we have plans with our friends separately. A few weeks ago, he made plans to go out with his friends, and I was planning to actually stay in that night. Well, one of my friends called me and asked me to meet up with some of the guys for drinks. So, I headed out, and as we were passing one of the bars, I see my boyfriend kissing some guy. And it wasn’t just a peck, it was a deep French kissing session. He did not see me, and I quickly moved my friends along, hoping that they did not see it. I don’t know what to do. I haven’t said anything to him, but clearly things are just not the same. He came home at his usual time that night, but I have no idea what happened. What do I do?


Joffrey A.

Dear Joffrey,

Clearly this bothers you. And honestly, the longer you wait to say something, the worse it is going to get. You are putting yourself through emotional turmoil.  I cannot tell you what to do, but I would address the situation. You need to understand the dynamics of your relationship, and where you stand with him. Are you guys open?  Are you committed?  This brings about questions that need clarity. Don’t make accusations, just gently reveal that you observed the kiss. His response will tell you everything you want to know.

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